Multiple PS3 not able to play together
  • I have three PS3 in the house, all three of them like to play MW3 on line however they can't get into a game together. I have already changed the IP addresses on all three systems to see if that works gave them all static IP addresses. Any other ideas will help
  • The best way to get everyone connected to each other would be using an LAN (local area network). One of the PS3s would need to act as the "host" and connect to the other systems using a router (either wired or wireless) or a hub/ switch. While they would not be connected to the net they would be able to connect to each other for some private matches.

    Even with changing all 3 PS3's to different IP addresses the PSN system would see all 3 as coming from the IP of the router and cause some issues with port conflicts. I would honestly suggest heading over to Activision's support page to contact one of their staff about this (they have an online chat available as well). You can find the page here.