PS3 game not automatically updating?
  • Hi, i signed up to this site as i cant find any information about manually downloading game updates, for the game I'm talking about, its Little Big Planet 2.

    Hers a rundown on whats happened;

    One day (friday 11/05/12), I went on the PS3 to play the game i usually play, Little Big Planet 2. I also had my PC with me though, so i ended up getting distracted by the GMOD idiot box on youtube. i left my ps3 on, and sat on my chair (same room as the ps3) and started watching. About an hour or 3 later ( I don't know how long i was on here), i noticed my friend came online, one i was making a song with on LBP2. So, when he had loaded up, i continued to join him. ..

    Then this error popped up:

    'Failed to join because they have a different build date.' (friends name hidden for security reasons)

    So, i went and messaged him, telling him about the error. He replied to me saying to restart my game and ps3, then get the update..

    I continued to do so, and then noticed that there wasn't any update, no auto update, anyway. When it loaded I tried joining my friend, same error.. I even tried to join some other people that had come on, same error.. So, i googled around and found something along these lines(so its not exactly that, thats what its saying though):

    'You must've been online at the time of the update, so restart your ps3 and it should update.'

    But, my attempts at updating... well, didn't work. So i started googling around for a way to update LBP... I came up with nothing useful, just the same story, restart ps3 and it will auto- update. Which for me, WONT happen.

    So, is there any way to fix this? Its been 2 days now and i still cant play with my friends, and I REALLY want to show them the songs i've made.

    In other words, How can i manually update the game; Little Big Planet 2 on my PS3 system?

    For those who will probably want this, here are the system specs:

    System Software: Version 4.11
    Free space: 47GB/111GB
    (not giving out IP adress unless you REALLY need them)
    Game version: Apparently the most recent version is 1.13, released 05/08/12.

    Please help, I really dont know what to do to update this game manually.

    PS. my friends say i have to update (on friday), so i dont know whats what with the version of my ps3.

    PPS. Also, you may find this same post on other websites, thisis probably due to me being impatient and wanting an answer quickly. (but this is the first site i am going to try)

    EDIT: As soon as i posted this, my friend (a different one) just joined me! Its seems it might not be on my end, But still, hes in the same country as me and has the UK version like i do, i dont know if the ones i cant join are in a different country or something (they may have EU or US version)... Hmm...
  • There are no games that do a manual update, all of them look for and install the update automatically. The one thing I can suggest is to go into the PS3's Game Data folder and delete what is there for LBP2. Once that is done put the discount back in and the game will re-install what it needs from the discount as well as grab any available updates online.
  • Thanks! That worked, I now got the update downloading! :D

    Also, I just remembered to say, sorry for the wall of text to the face.