PS3 and NFL Sunday Ticket
  • I have been readng on the internet that PS3 has partnered with Direct TV so that PS3 users can get the NFL Sunday Ticket. Given that, my wife got me a PS3 180GB system. I then tried to arrange for the NFL Sunday Ticket, and was directed to Direct TV. No matter who I talked to, they tried to sell me the Direct TV system, but nobody would help me with purchasing the ticket for my PS3. Finally out of frustration, I returned my PS3 to the vendor for a refund.
    I would still like to use the PS3 for the NFL Sunday Ticket, but given my past experience, I have no idea how to make that happen! I would really appreciate some help here. I have the following questions:
    1. Can I get the NFL Sunday Ticket for a PS3, and who do I contact to get it?
    2. If so, what are the system requirements? I have 3MPS DSL - will it support streaming the games to my TV?
    3. I would only be using the PS3 for football, what size system do I need? I know that you sell 90G, 150GB, 250GB, etc.
    4. If you are able to use the PS3 for the Sunday Ticket, does it work like a DVR, allowing you to record and play later, stop, pause, go back, etc.?

    Any help you can provide with this would be greatly appreciated!! If it can be done, you will get a customer back! If you can't answer all of the questions, could you refer me to a resource that can help?

    Thanks in advance for your support!!
  • First, to clear up a bit of confusion, we are not the actual PlayStation network you connect with on the PS3. We're an independent web site that chose this name for our forums shortly before Sony officially titled their online service.

    To get the NFL Sunday Ticket on the PS3 you go directly into the app itself on the PS3 and purchase your subscription there using the credit card you have tied to your psn account/ funds in your psn wallet.

    Your internet speed should be fine as long as not much else is connecting online in the house at the same time (computer, tablets, etc.).

    It makes no difference what version of PS3 you get- the only thing different between them all is the size of the hard drive for storing games, game saves, photos, etc. If only planning on using the Sunday Ticket app may as well go for the least expensive you can find.

    While you aren't able to PVR for later viewing you can pause, rewind, etc. just like a PVR and access to past NFL games are available as well. The video on the official blog post when it launched last year gives a good heads up on purchase and how it works.