destroy all humans 2 for the ps2
  • hi good day to you im new to this website so not sure how it all works yet.but by quesdtion is the game i am playing as above.i cannot get any cheats to work at all i have tried many times with the cheat codes and nothing works.and my other question is when i use the but gun on people that have been changed by the green spores it says fire at the base of there spine to get there brain stem.and its not doing it no matter where i fire at them.its not getting there brain stem can you give me any advice how to get around this please thank you and good day michael
  • Can't help much regarding the codes, seems as though there are a number of false ones out there. Only one I've seen that is sure to work is this one:

    Pause the game, go into the archives and hold in L3. While holding this press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, X.

    As for the anal probe weapon, hover the aiming reticule over a target and you should get a green lock on circle to appear. This is when to shoot (preferably from behind).