Hardware/router help
  • Hi, I posted some time ago about my PS3 suddenly not connecting to the server. Gets an IP address, then fails to connect to internet, with a timing out error. Tried everything, including Sony support, and a ISP tech coming to my house, installing a new router, trying for 3 hours, and still didn't get it. It worked fine, until one day it suddenly stopped.
    Somebody suggested to me I try a different router. My ISP provides an Actiontech V-1000H modem/router, and apparently you can't substitute a different one. So I was thinking of adding another router for the PS3, then connecting this router to the Actiontech one. But I am not that smart!
    Anyone out there smarter than me that can provide simple direction on how to do this?
  • Chaining the new router to your router/modem would actually be somewhat easy. Have one of the cords that go out from your modem/ router feed to the input of the new router. Then you feed the ethernet cable from that router to the PS3.

    To be honest, though, this may not solve anything. I would suggest going into your original modem/router's settings and make sure you have certain things set up like having your PS3 set up on a "white list" as well as making sure all the ports that are needed to be open are set up correctly. We have those ports listed in one of the stickied threads at the top of this section.