Connecting external hard drive to PS3
  • Hey, so I'm trying to connect my Seagate 1.5Tb USB hard drive to my PS3 in order to play videos etc. I reformatted the hard drive from NTFS to FAT32. I made three partitions (primary partition being FAT32 500 GB on which I put my videos).
    I named the primary partition PS3 then proceeded to make a folder within the partition also called PS3. Next, I added three folders and named them PHOTO, MUSIC and VIDEO. From here I added my files into the appropriate sub-folder (note: they are placed in other folders such as TV Shows, Movies, etc.; though I read online this shouldn't matter. i.e. /PS3/VIDEO/TV Shows/

    Now, from what I've read online this should be the correct way to do this. I plug in my HD to the outlet and plug the USB into the front of my PS3. On my XMB when I go to Video, "USB Device (Computer)" shows up. When I hit triangle and select 'display all' nothing shows up.

    What am I doing wrong? Some possible issues I've thought of could be: the three partitions, The size of the partitions (I've only really seen people talk about 300 GB FAT32 partitions being used with PS3), The extra file folders within VIDEO, my PS3s firmware may not be up to date enough?, or my HD is just not compatible even in a FAT32 format (though I doubt it since it does appear as USB Device).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: I just tried removing the PS3 root folder before PHOTO, VIDEO, MUSIC folders and nothing has changed.
  • I would leave the root folder but not use the separate folders for music, photos and video. The PS3 will sort this out for itself for where to show each.
  • Really? Everywhere I've read has mentioned the PHOTO, MUSIC, and VIDEO (all caps) folders. Is this a myth?

    EDIT: Just tried getting rid of those folders, it didn't work.
  • Just to double check, I did a search at Sony's PlayStation site in the support section. According to them the main PS3 folder is not needed either. Just transfer the files in to the main partition of the drive via your computer then plug in to the PS3. Then just go to whichever menu you want ( pictures, music, video) and hit triangle. In the menu that comes up choose to view all to see your files.
  • That's what I had done initially. When I first reformatted my Hard Drive to FAT32, I simply had my files without folders on the main partition and the PS3 did not show the videos even when display all was used.
  • Again, this is from Sony themselves. If the videos didn't work it may have been a file format issue ( videos not the right file type for the PS3 to use). If I had a drive here myself I'd do some testing but never needed to do something like this myself.