PS Steering Problem
  • Hi, I have just purchased a Lamborghini Steering Wheel & pedals for my PS2 that is compatible with PS3.

    When I plugged it into my PS2 it over steers like crazy.

    The response to my actions is far to slow, hence the over-steer.

    Can someone shed some light on this problem for me please.

  • If memory serves that wheel does have some adjustment to it to be able to tweak the sensitivity. Have you checked the instructions that came with it for this sort of thing?
  • I didn't get any instructions, I googled it and all I got was a pdf file with a diagram.
  • In that case I can only suggest going into the game options to look for control options and adjust the sensitivity to where the game reacts more like you feel it should. There may not be much else to try as, depending on the game, may not work as well with the wheel as it does with the DS2 controller.