Crono Trigger! Help.
  • Come guys someone help me here! :cry:

    Well I got Crono back and now im doing the little mini missions.
    I need help on the place where robo is born. In that factory thing in the future.

    Also again, anyone know a great place to level up my characters?
  • LOL...ok usually the place to level up is the factory. Just go into the moving belt and fight those robutts!
  • Do you need any specific help with the factory? If so then please give a little more info and I or one of the other members will gladly give you all the help that you need. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • :erm: Sorry. Well I got past the part about Robo. Rite now im trying to figure out how to save Lucca's mom. when Crono and everyone else is sleeping around Lucca wakes up and goes through a portal to the time where her mom gets stuck in a machine at her house and Lucca cant save her. I alredy know the password (its her moms name) but I dont know how to enter it into the machine.
  • Well, i know where you're supposed to put it in but i never did get it to turn off. You are supposed to be able to save her from being paralyzed. When you come out of the portal go down the stairs and go to the right. After Lara talks go straight ahead to the little sparkle. Hit the "x" to access the panel and then put in the code. I can't remember what buttons they are but lookin the booklet that comes with the game and at the beginning it tells you the buttons to use for the letters in the name. Just go there to get the password, button combos. After you're done then you should either hit the "X" or the start but remember i never have got it to work correctly. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • It's L1, circle, R1, and circle if you didnt change the controls. I guarantee.
  • Yeah its a factory in the future but its not the same one you went in previously. Its on an island i think southeast of death peak. Youll know it when you see it. It looks a lot like the earlier one. :)
  • Oh and a good place to level up your characters is the cave called Giant's Claw. If you havent gone there yet you will soon. Its the place the the old man at the end of time refers to asan explorer from 600A.D. or something like that. ;)
  • Thanks guys. theres something I need help on but i cant remmember what it is. I'll figure it out the next time I play crono trigger. thanks :2devilish: bye :wave:
  • I'll be here if you need any help as I pretty much know everything there is to Chrono Trigger. I'm a Chrono freak!
  • COOL! Ill ad you to my address book or whatever its called.
  • Sure no problem. Hopefully my help at your question in the FF8 forum has helped.