Who's Watching Bb4
  • who's gunna watch big brother i am :blink:
  • Heh! Chelseafc!

    Welcome to api! :clap:

    Well i havent been watching the previos big brothers but i'm tempted to watch it this time :cunning:

    oh And to change colour you have to put the then after your message put

  • Did anyone see the entrances of the students last night!

    None of them were fit!!!! :cry: :doh: :doh:
  • I only managed to see about 15 minutes before i went out clubbin! :disco: But i'll be watching it regularly, and getting addicted as always.

    Damn, that's a shame Ali! :( :doh: :lol: Have we got a house full of Jade Goody's? ;)
  • Well there a bit better than that her but not by much! :doh: :doh: :doh:
  • Yeh, I watched lt last night.

    Theres this fat girl, whose probably the most butterz, but anyway, that NUSH girl (who looks like Cameron Diaz) wa pretty fit. That girl called Sissy was ok, though she was ginger (but thats not the end of the world!)

    The house also looks much cooler this year!

  • I still haven't seen it yet, i tried watching E4 earlier, but every 5 minutes the sound is blocked out, i soon got bored.

    Although one thing i've already noticed, is they've got f****d up names! Anouska, Federico, Gos, NUSH! SISSY! !! No offence to any sissy's out there... ;) :lol:

    But you've got to wonder, where do they get them from?!
  • OMG, you are so right about the names and how they're all weird. There are also two Anouska's, I mean like, its not exactcly a common name is it?

    And the reason the sound keeps cutting out is because of the contestants swearing (theres a 2 minute delay before the show is broadcast live). And NEVEr try to watch the unedited stuff on E4, cos it sucks, the daily half hour updates and the tabloid newspapers are about enough for me!

  • I like these reality shows Ill be watching BB4 I didnt catch the 3rd but watched the first and second. I also love amazing race that is cool. :peace:
  • Im sorry but im not really a fan of these reality shows, i tried to get into Real World but i got boring very fast
  • A bunch of people stuck in a small area getting on each others nerves is a pretty poor excuse for entertainment. This is an exaggerated version of what many of you youngsters will experience when you begin moving away from home. The original is still the best. SURVIVOR !
  • Survivor is the best reality show on TV. Always was, always will be. I did watch the first Big Brother (only because it was on after Survivor). The ones that followed BB1 never really caught my interest and I didn't even know there was a BB4. Perhaps I'll give it a look. The amazing race is also worth while and the Real World has gone downhill since 3 (San Fransisco). The Vegas one most recently being a disappointment. I also enjoyed the Mole, I hope they start it up again.
  • Tell me about it Crash, out of 12 people, what are the chances of 1 being called Anouska, let alone 2!!!

    I've been watching it quite a bit now, and shamelessly getting addicted... again.

    Anouska should be kept in on Friday, only due to the fact she keeps flashing and flirting! ;)

    And as for the housemates not being fit, that Nush is a bit special...! Tania is alright too, but as for Sissy... URGH! Sorry but i can't stand ginger hair... (sorry!)

    I know E4 have to cut out the swearing etc... but i do think it really IS pointless... i mean who's going to be offended by a few swear words during the day? I mean REALLY!!! It just gets on my t!ts, when you're trying to watch it during the day you can't hear a thing.
  • Oh :swear: :swear: :swear: !!!!!

    My t.v has packed up I canot watch any of bb4 and anything else!!

    (no football)

  • Ooohhh that's harsh!!! Sorry to hear about your loss Alex... ;) :cry:

    It'll heal in time... lol! I've PMed you with the link to the BB website, which will at least keep you upto date with all the news while you somehow struggle through life without your TV.

    I'm just waiting for the "back in my day when we had no TV" speech from one of the geezers now :D :lol:
  • Thanks I got your pm! :notworthy:

    I still have my trusty computer to help me through life without tv and api members to comfort me :hug:!
    Weve managed to swip a t.v off our next door neibers but it's very small and you have to sit on the floor to really se whats going on! :huh:
  • Our first television was a black and white set and the in the area we lived we had access to two channels ( plus that 10 mile walk to school, uphill bith ways !). We picked up a used TV for 15 dollars at a garage sale a few years ago ( which needed the adapter for hooking up the playstation). My kids had never seen a TV that didn't come with a remote control. In 10 years we'll probably be wearing them on our wrists.
  • I've been watching all of the previous Big Brother shows, but it's kinda loosing it's appeal in my opinion. They should've quit while they were ahead. ;)
  • ahhh!! bb4!! my Fiancee and her mother watch this all the time! it's hard enough to get her away from the T.v! then they come out with these showes/series then they finish and you think it's over but then they come back new and improved!! ahh!! First it was Fear Factor..then Survivor, now Big Brother, Elimi-date,Star Search and American Idol!! ahh!! someone help! is there anyway to get her away form the t.v besides turn it off?? :'( heh..sorry..just thought i'd add my thoughts..peaces
  • Survivor was a massive flop here in the UK, and it was not very popular. I think that it was too 'doctored', when they tried to pretend that it wasn't. At least the makers of Big Brother do it unashamedly :cunning:

    it was between Anuska and Jon, and I first had wanted Jon out (being the trekkie fan and talking about solar powered wotever). Anouska and Tania would probably have a bitch fight :bash: with each other over Federico if she stayed in. However, Jon is still unique, and mixed up the action a bit.

    And does anyone know when the new task is going to be done, or has it passed already. I think its some tkind of tug of war?
  • The tug of war was the first of the "Live Saturday Tasks" last night, the group were split into two teams, and competed in a tug of war. (with Sissy the "ref" splitting the teams) The winning team (coincidently the team with Gos) spent a night in the new "Red room" which has a dance floor, music, champagne, fancy food, make up. While the others got too sit in on the sofas in self pity!

    It was BB's way of trying to split the group, cause a rift, start arguements and increase the viewing figures! I'm not sure if it worked, we'll find out tonight if it's on, but the winning housemates did get very pissed, so who knows what happened.

    :( It's true, i'm addicted.
  • PHew! About time we got a new t.v! It's a widesreen too! :clap: so I can watch footy and big brother now! :clap:
  • who do you want to be evicted tonight,john or justine
    i want justine to go
  • Hopefully it'll be Justine and her fat ass! John's funny, in a very witty way!

    Big Brother's starting to get very boring though, the public voted out Anouska the only one with a personality first, the rest of the 11 are boring as hell, and the fact that they only have
  • Justines out YES!

    Jon has his own personality, which I admire, and he is essentially himself.

    Nush is cute, and doesn't really do very much

    Ray? Whose Ray?

    Tanya - Stop being such a bitch to poor Jon!

    Fed - Failed the task AGAIN. They all know Fed - Mwahhhhahaha! :cunning:

    Cameron - Is that guy a perv or what? He's been in the bath with most of the girls by now!

    Scott - BORING

    Sissy, stop crying and being ginger (j/k!)

    Gos is cool, like him. He cooks :feedme: and has something to say!


    Most of the housemates really can't be a :swear: sed to do anything and just sit around and talk. Jon Tickle - The ORIGINAL :2cool:
  • Originally posted by crashkart@Jun 7 2003, 04:49 PM
    Gos is cool, like him. He cooks

    That's it.Even though i dont watch the show that much, he's earned my respect.
  • anyone see the challenge on saturday night where they had to play pass the parcel,it was quite funny.
    anyone see the nominations
    if you didn't i'll tell you federico,jon and sissy
    i want sissy to go she's always crying,who do you want to go
  • yeh, it think sissy sux, shes always crying and is a spoit little b!tch.

    The housemates fauled the bellringing task, but they did name the song thay had to play, so they got a chinese takeaway. Now they have to survive on
  • For someone who hasn't touched a woman for 14 years he acts like a bloody pimp!

    Right, housemates... let's see!

    Cameron - Or is that, Cammran (in my worst Welsh accent) i wouldn't call him a perv, just bloody lucky! Hehe!

    Federico - Mr. task failerer himself! To far up his own arse and too easy-going. Loves himself too much, and may go on Friday night, depends how many female voters there are i suppose!

    Gos - The big pimp daddy, he does all the cooking mate, which will make it hard for anybody to vote for him mate.

    Jon - There's only one Jon Tickle! Tickle to win! All the housemates may hate him, but the public love him! Very witty and I love his ironic attitude towards the whole BB game! And i thought his "Nuts" after Justine had been evicted, just great!

    Nush - Hippy chick, into yoga and flip-flop sandals, although incredibly fit!! Phoar!!!

    Ray - Ray who you ask Crash? The one who went F##KING BESERK after failing the second task, lol! You see nothing of him and then he goes on a mad rampage. Great stuff.

    Scott - Quite funny, but doesn't really say or do that much.

    Sissy - She's a scouser, and she's ginger. Oh dear oh dear! If she's not evicted she may have to be shot, although she does have one fine ass!

    Steph - Don't really have anything to say, doesn't do much of anything.

    Tania - Phoar indeed!!! Very nice, and a party girl aswell, love it!

    Here's a popularity chart taken from the BB website... and i think the chart's upside down!

    1st Ray 6.4 54,554
    2nd Nush 6.4 44,528
    3rd Scott 6.4 56,269
    4th Cameron 5.9 57,231
    5th Gos 5.9 58,538
    6th Tania 5.5 58,550
    7th Federico 5.3 51,706
    8th Steph 5.2 58,655
    9th Justine 4.9 47,288
    10th Anouska 4.6 50,738
    11th Sissy 4.5 52,896
    12th Jon 4.5 43,936

    Ray first, and Jon last! What's wrong this country! Tickle all the way!!

    If Jon does go on Friday i'll be very dissapointed! My head says Sissy to go, but with just 3 girls it could get rather boring to look at... hmmm...

    I was watching the group fail their task yesterday on E4, and all i can say is... BING...BING...BING...

    I'm not obsessed... honest :blink::lol:
  • What do you mean with only three girls left it could get rather boring to look at? Not like Sissy's anything special unless you think girls who are gigner, have the jawline of arnold Szwartsenegger (or whatever his name is), and cry every 5 minutes :cry: turn you on. Tania, Nush and Steph is just fine.

    Oh yeh...

    Steph - She cleans, cleans and cleans a bit more. She even cleaned out the diary room.

    Jon decided to have a 45 minute chat witht he potatoes! :think: I worry about that man sometimes. He also spent 40 minutes scrubbing the same patch of the kitchen floor.

    Cameron spent 66 minutes (BBLB claims)in the diary room the other day mainly telling Big Brother how fit he thinks Tanya is.

    And does anyone thing that there will be 'nookie' (as the Sun calls it) in the big brother house? The sun are offering
  • i cant believe it 2 people are going to be evicted this which means there will be three or more up fo eviction
    ,i want gos,jon and steph up for eviction
    and jon and gos to go
    who do you want up for eviction and who do you want to go?
  • Sorry crash, i know you said it already but Cameron... what a perv!!! "Nush, are you wearing any pants today?" I mean, come on!!!

    Two of Fed, Cameron or Jon will go tonight... i don't really know who will stay!

    Fed could stay, because it has been noted by a percentage of the female population that he is "fit". But then he has his shall we say rather controversial attitudes about women, but that could mean he stays in because it causes arguements in the house... but then again having almost failed his 3rd task this week i think he'll probably go tonight.

    Cameron, he's probably the one housemate out of the 3 nominees who isn't either hated or loved, so for that reason only he might just stay, with all the Fed lovers voting Jon out, and the Jon lovers voting Fed out...

    Jon, should stay!!! Tickle power!! Tickle for life!! Jon has to stay, he's so funny to watch, as you'll probably see with his chat in the diary room to BB tonight about ploting revenge on Nush and Ray. I quote "Nobody ever messes with Tickle"
    He's just great entertainment, however if he does come out on Friday... 4th time unlucky then the interviews will just be hilarious!
  • I can't believe it... no more Tickle! BB4 has just taken a massive drop, Jon and Fed were the only 2 remaining housemates with an actual personality, and the 3-way practical joking between Jon, Nush and Ray was becoming good too! It made Friday night a great night however, with 2 hilarious interviews but the viewing public are absolutely stupid. Despite everybody moaning it's the most "boring BB yet" they vote out the only 2 housemates who were making it interesting. It's only boring because the viewers are voting out the most interesting housemates, and keeping in the boring dull ones. And lets face it, what interesting things have Gos or Steph ever done? Unlike Anoushka, Jon, Fed... all evicted.

    Sigh... anyway, since 2 housemates were evicted there have been rumours of a new housemate... or even reintroducting an evicted housemate!!

    How freaked out would the housemates be to see Jon walk back through that door!
  • Geatano in IN the UK BB house! he's been flown in from South Africa, and they've got rid of Cameron - He's taken Geatano's place in Sout Africa!!!!!!!!

    Daniel - u said it best about alll the interesting people being evicted. Jon's out ----------- NOOOOOOOO.
    Fed's out -------- NOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Cameron's in --------- NOOOOOOOOOOO!

    3 girls up for evicions (that's all of them!) Keep in Nush - she flirty with Gea, and kissed him the other night!

    Nush 2 Win :birthday:
  • Wahey! Slight twist to the weekly task tonight that actually made things interesting! First impressions of the new housemate - too old, too much make-up, probably be voted out as soon as possible. :fight:

    Did anyone watch the programme about Cameron's swap? The way things are going with BB4, I would be more than happy for them to start showing BBA instead. At least the housemates seem to have a bit of life about them!