Tomb Raider 4
  • Can you tell me why after using the cheats to skip a level (after getting to the tearing my Hair out stage) at the swinging ropes in the Catacombs.
    After skipping the level the game appears to have crashed as when you load the game Lara appears in a passage way but as soon as you press any action key she disappears. Now, after trying many different things all we have is a black screen, you can hear Lara but she doesn't respond to any action keys. What have I done?
  • Some cheats, such as the one you used for this game, open up bugs in the game like the one you describe. It's nothing you did to the game, it's just how the game was coded.

    All I can suggest is stop using the level skip cheat, which will avoid Lara being in "the void".