lag problem in NHL13
  • My nhl13 has been lagging in EASHL, teamplay and versus play modes. My connection isn't the problem. My friend don't lag and one of them has the same ISP as I do and lives in the same area. Need help please. The lag seems to respond to momentum shifts in the game, such as turnovers etc. Also I tried battlefield 3 online and I have no lag problem.

  • The issue is most likely within EA's server itself. After all, it's not a straight connection between the two of you but a game hosted on EA's central server. Might be best to contact them, the toll free number is in what they call a manual (which these days is more a waste of paper to me :p ).
  • Thanks for the quick answer, much appreciated! I agree about the waste of paper :)

    Just curious, I'm don't exactly know how servers work an all or at all :), but does it make sense that when I tried connecting my ps3 at my brother's place, tonight, it worked fine online? We live about 15 km appart with same ISP, does that mean I go on a server that's always the same one (one that lags) at my home's connection and that my teammates on my EASHL team go on different ones that work fine? I would have expected that 3 + people playing a game would be all on the same server... it's just confusing for me since we don't actually get to see the servers we connect to, and computers are not my forte!...

    Does the fact that it worked at my bro's place bring me back to an ISP problem? I'll contact the EA servers on the other hand to see what they say, thanks again for the help!
  • No, when getting together with teammates you would all be on the same server to connect up for a game. To my knowledge EA just uses the one to cover everyone playing the PS3 version of the game so no need to see it and choose to connect to it.

    Going by this new info it may be a combination of the game itself and your ISP connection. If this is a cable connection and you have more people close to you also using the cable internet this would cause enough of a slowdown for you to see lag at certain times (bandwidth is shared with cable) plus the route your data is taking to the server may be just different enough from your friends that you are running into a slight delay in getting to the same place. May not be much that can be done about this.