Black and white display - an NTSC/PAL issue?
  • Hello,

    So a friend of mine managed to buy the last second hand PS2 console in the shop (we are UK based), and it works perfectly so far with european (PAL) games. Having recently moved from America, I decided to try and play some of my old games which are NTSC.
    To my surprise they also work just fine, except for the fact that they are all in black and white. Does that mean that the console had a pre-installed modchip? Is there a way to fix the black and white display? I don't believe I require SwapMagic shenanigans, I get the feeling this is just a frequency/voltage issue.
    PlayStation gurus, please help!

    Much appreciated,
  • [This is normal when trying to play NTSC games on a PAL system. There are converters available in some shops that should allow you to use your NTSC games with full color. You'd have to do some searching but can be found.