Intermittent internet connectivity problem.
  • I've been having severe problems using anything internet related on my playstation 3. I have to run the 'Internet Connection Test' to access the internet. This usually goes fine. I have a connection for a few minutes, but then I get the 8002AD23 error message. Re-running the test gets me back online, for a few minutes. I've tried resetting to default settings, setting up a new user, repeating the test over and over... It doesn't matter what I'm doing, the system could be sitting idle, the problem will happen again.
    I'm using a wired connection. The PS3 is the only device ever connected to the modem. I've used the automatic network setup. As of 24 hours ago my system was working just fine.
    I've contacted my ISP, and they tell me my connection is functioning normally. I've sent PS tech support an e-mail, but can't reach their hotline with my phone.
  • Kinda went to the wrong section here (this one's for the original PlayStation, not the PS3) but anyhoo... I would suggest getting a router to go between the PS3 and your modem. Most of the set up would be in it instead plus no ethernet cable swap when switching to a PC to reach us.

    If you do have a router already you may want to re-check some settings in there.