soldeier of fortune gold edition i need help
  • can any1 plz help me with figuring out to complrtr thr final mission on soldier of fortune gold edition on ps 2 ty for any help any1 can give
  • need help completing final mission of soldier of fortune gold edition can any1 help
  • I moved your post down to the PS2 Game Help section, which was the proper way to go with this. ;)

    This is a direct quote for the final mission from a walkthrough i had found:

    Start by following the path upstairs to a gate. Shoot the button to open it
    and followt he path down some stairs and you'll hit a water area. Head thru the
    door there and then in the next water area jump in the water to the left and
    shoot the grate. Crawl thru that pipe and then jump out and under the grate in
    the next room. Follow the path down some more stairs into a pool area. Follow
    the ramp on the left and go thru the door. Don't go up the stairs but thru the
    open pipe on the right. Follow this to the end and shoot your way out of the
    pipe. Go up the ladder into the next area and shoot the boxes here to open your
    path thru another pipe. Follow this until you fall out of the pipe. Head left,
    thru two doors, run up some stairs, and a ladder. Continue on the path heading
    right, past a truck till you come accross two rocket launcher guys. In the
    corner beyond them climb up the stairway and turn the valve at the window.
    You'll see a gate being opened so once its opened as much as it can be rush
    down the stairs and duck if you have to get thru that falling gate. Follow the
    path going around the right side of the building into a stable. Go up the
    ladder in here and hit the switch to expose a secret lift below. Go down the
    ladder into the lift ending the level.

    13b. Follow the path thru the long halls fighting bad guys and up a huge
    stairwell. Continue on your way past a door with a light on it (triggerd to set
    alarm) down the stairs thru a dining room up some stairs into a room with more
    stairs! Go thru the doorway past them and then head left thru the solitary
    door. Go left thru a door leading into the kitchen. Follow the path till you
    reach two doors. Go thru the left one and thru the next and head left entering
    the double doors on the left and up some stairs. Go thru the double doors here
    to start an ingame cinema. Go back inside to the mirror. open it like a door
    and press the button inside. Head back the way you came and enter the first
    door with a green light on it you see. Go thru the single door on the left and
    you'll be in a library. One of the cases down here is a secret passage way, its
    by the stairs I think. Anyways go to the elevator in here to end the level!

    13c. Follow the path past the locking doors and trip wire door. Go to the
    single door adjacent to it. Go around the crates up the stairs and around this
    walkway. At the end jump on the crates climbing up to the corner then turning
    around and walking along the yellow beam ehading for a vent. Shoot out the vent
    and follow it into the room behind the tripwire door. Hit the blue button in
    here to open one of the locked doors outside. So exit and head left jumping and
    ducking under more trip wires. Go thru the next door up some stairs, another
    door. Press each button of the two buttons in this room and continue down the
    hall pressing more buttons. You'll come accross dekker in the huge missle silo
    so just run around here because the countdown for launch has been started.
    Follow path to machine room and shoot the blue console in here. Go thru the
    single door there into the next room shooting another blue console, just one
    left. Continue thru more doors, down stairs and shooting the final blue
    console. From here continue the path of blue bottons and doors, past a model
    city, past the missle silo again and into a huge room with a lift. Activate the
    lift on the right while your on it and continue the path thru two doors and
    pressing yet another blue botton. Go back down the lift and follow the path of
    opening doors. You'll eventually pass a shooting area with targets on your left
    and after that go in the elevator in the next hall ending the level!

    13d. This is another boss level so just kill everyone in here, and there are
    alot, they come out of two doors to your left. When they stop coming decker
    will make an appearence whering complete body armor. Just wail on him like he
    was the helicopter from japan and you beat the game!