• i have a dog called ruby it's a black labrador what pet have you got and whats its name
  • I have a gerbil it's name is sparky its a sandy colour.
    He is really friendly and clever and cute!
  • I have the cutest bunny ever his name is juggalo and he is black with a white nose.
  • I used to have a cat called jasper but he died! :cry: :cry:
  • I have a dog named Cheyanna she is a german shepard colly mix I love her!!! :helpme: :peace:
  • ive had 3 cats in my life-time, but i have lost all of them somehow. The first one died, the second one we had to leave at our old house because he was a country cat and he wouldnt ajust in the city, and the third my mom took to the pound because it was deaf and kept her up at night meowing for food even after she fed it.
  • I have a dog called Gnasher.I not to sure what breed he is but I love him all the same.
  • I also have a pet dog name "puppy" he's very cute and funny! i dont know his breed but she's sort of look like a retriever.
  • I have a dog named Beau, a cat named Pepper and another cat named Ally!
  • I used to have a dog with a name i cant pronounce in english (his name was a spanish name) but he ran away to follow a female dog and got lost.
    Next a hurricane happened and destroyed lots of houses. I dont know if my dog survived. :think: :think: :cry:
  • Currently I have 3 cats Pepsi, Mischief and Pooky along with about a dozen fish and a puppy called Molly.
  • I dont have a pet.......I feel so left out. :cry:
  • I have a pet fish it is called fred. He is 3 years old and he is my favourite pet now, Because are cat jasper died a few months ago! :cry: :cry:
  • I don't have one but if I had I'd like a rabbit and/or a horse. :disco: :peace:
  • we have a gerbil called herbal, who we had since january, he is very cute and really knows how toi wind my other half up, but he cant shout at him coz he is so damn cute :)
  • I got a cat called Garfield (so cute :D), a dog called Gemma and about 30 fish who are nameless.