• vote for favourite simpson mines holmer :clap:
  • it is Homer. No L.
  • You left out Ralph, he comes out with some of the funniest lines.
  • i really dont like the simpsons (ANIME IS THE GREATEST!)
    but guess what, when i USED to like them, i used to always laugh at APU so i guess APU is going to be my favorite.

    P.S: i watch Simpsons casually (Rahxephon anime has kept me busy).
  • Go homer!!! Whoooo!

    Ocalidocaly! I chose homer because all the stupid remarks he makes crack me up laughing on the floor! :lol: :woot: :doh:
  • I'm afraid it's got to be Homer, obvious i know but he's just so funny! I'll have to find out the old favourite Simpson's Quote's thread, that was great! Although Mr. Burns is great too, hmmm... Simpson ey! :lol:
  • My favorite is homer simpson what wold the show be without him. :disco:
  • My fav is bart becaus he is always the one with all the smart alec remarks.
  • I like them all but Homer is probably the main character so him!
  • i chose lisa becase she looks funny.
  • I choose homer bec. he is so funny he is the oone that makes the show funny
  • my favs homer he so funny :doh:
  • I think Homer is the most popular because he has gone through way more stuff than any other character on the show. When you compare the early episodes to later ones, he's the one who's evolved the most . That's why I think Homer is the most interesting character on the show. And no, I don't resemble him in real life.
  • And not forgetting Homer's great 1 liners which make his character just so funny!!! There's a whole load of them HERE!! What a great website!!
    :lol: :woot:

    And i've just reliased, i've got a Homer avatar too, lol! Mmmmm....
  • Who wouldnt vote for Homer!?!? he's the funniest character on the show!! (who happens to get stupider every year!) :lol:
  • My is bart.
  • Well I wouldn't vote for Homer. I voted for Moe.
  • HEhe! Seems like the goody goodys havent been voted for such as marge and ned flanders :P I like moe also he's funny! :clap: