• choose now :think:
  • Your missing a very important one on your list, racing. CART to be percise.

    Nothing quite like winning a 'game' going 225+ mph. ;)
  • Is wrestling a sport?
  • Chelseafc you forgot all th american sports like baseball and racing. But I voted for soccer as I play it myself! :woot: :woot:

    p.s you also forgot snooker! :blink:
  • You also forgot swampball,biking,wife carrying,mountain biking and squash
  • WE could go on all day if we count the olimpic sports!! :2cool: :blink: :blink:
  • Originally posted by gabriel knight@May 24 2003, 07:51 AM
    wife carrying


    Football (Soccer :swear: ) is my favourite sport, i love to watch, and play football, most days in fact!

    Although i like Snooker, Tennis and Badminton aswell...

    One little tip for future polls chelsea, include an "Other" choice, it'll stop all the ridiculous suggestions! :D

    Anyone for Curling? :woot:
  • Anyone for curling? :woot: [/b]

    Oh yes old chap!!

    whos up for some cirling, And scones for lunch!

    Tallyho off we go then!
  • Do I really need to say, or could I leave this one unsaid? Nah, think I'll say it... go cricket. My favourite sport would have to be cricket. Go the Aussie cricket team.
    Although at this current moment I'm dismayed at the fact that Australia have lost 3 in a row to the West Indies :cry: , but I guess the West Indies are at home though.... but still.
  • I picked rugby cause I like full contact and American football wasn't on there.
  • Favorite sport to play would be none of the above, but my favorite sport to watch would have to be baseball. It's the only sport I completely understand.
  • where the :swear: is pool or ping pong ping poong is my favorite :swear: ing sport lol. but since none of my favorite sport wasnt there i chose soccer :lol:
  • Ummm.... Dude I like none of the above, I love the game of baseball, even though Im starting to like hockey and Lacrosse
  • Were tha hell was bowhunting? Well from those soccer is tops. I think indoor soccer is better then outdoor though epescially when my freinds and I play no boundaries! Now thats tops.
  • i voted b-ball but my real fav. is racing NHRA
    Nascar Indy formal 1 all racing rocks unless it is imports
    I hate japan cars :bash:
  • My all time favorite sport is not up there but it is Hacky-Sack. My favorite that is up there is Hockey. :clap:
  • hey spiderklown ever thought about hockey, its full contact? :shy: