Uncool Names...big Entertainment.
  • Hello.
    Im here to talk about something noone cares about, but will talk about nonetheless. I think that these new movies, or at least the Resent movies have some really bad names, but the movies overall are good.
    Like that IRON MONK movie, it starts that guy from American pie, and the movie was pretty good because it had its comedy, action et. then there is PhoneBooth....
    and? the plain name doesnt attract anyone i guess, its jut your plain old PHONE BOOTH but if you watch the movie, its not half as bad.
    Also with some band names...like there is that new 3 day grace band that i dont think many know about but in my eye, the name is not good or attractive. And then there is that street fighter series which needs an update, like Vampire Saviour which went to Darkstalkers, the Street Fighter name is just not cool anymore.
    But imagine back then how cool the names where.
    And now we have every band name starting with "THE" like THE vines, THE hives and THE white stripes, THE ernies and stuff like that. And they are not a year old. So please if you aggree respond to this. If you do not, dont waste your time proving me wrong. :doh:
  • A couple quick things, The ernies have been around longer than a year as have the White Stripes and the Hives.

    Also, the first movie is Bulletproof Monk.

    Oh, and i don't think there's anything wrong with 3 Day Grace's name, who are on Jive Records and their debut album is set for July 1st release, which i will be getting it as i liked one of the songs i listened to the other day.

    I guess that's all i'll say but since this thread is all based on your opinion then there's no use trying to tell you any different. I feel the way I do and you feel the way you do. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • woops sorry. eheheh i guess i should had payed attention on what i was talking about.
    :peace: ya set me straight and i appreciate. but then again, IM A MEMBER SINCE YESTERDAY so i dont really know much about anything yet.
  • Ok, yes you are a member since yesterday but i wasn't correcting you on anything to do with the forums. The things i was letting you know all had to do with the real world. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.