• Hey.
    I just wanted to know what anime is really good.
    My favorite anime is Rahxephon, which i think is a lot better than what Evangelion ever since thats what everyone is comparing it too.
    I recommend Argent Soma in that same topic. Please reply some fan favorite new animes.
  • There are a few other anime related threads(you can see my reviews in the Anime & other console forum just underneath the Latest news forum) but those aren't related to requests. Looks like you like Giant Mecha anime so my first choices past what you've mentioned would be Escaflowne(tv series as the movie isn't as good), Gasaraki, and Patlabor......though there are a few others that i haven't seen as of yet.

    Some other good ones:

    - Comedy -
    Excel Saga
    Mahoromatic(sexual situations)

    - Drama/Mystery&suspense -
    Grave of the Fireflies
    Samurai X(or Rurouni Kenshin(tv series))

    - Action -
    X(Movie and tv series)

    That's my short list of stuff to get, if you want any details on these titles then let me know. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I have heard of every anine exept for Spriggan, though i have heard lots of goods things about it so far so ill get on with it.
  • I like anime too...although I don't own any of my own, I still watch it.

    Neon Genesis (episodes and graphic novels)
    Video Girl Ai (episodes)
    Fruits Basket
    Princess Mononoke
    Tenchi (episodes and Daughter of Darkness)
  • Another giant mech anime is Duel, they have been showing it on anime unleashed on tech tv lately.