• Well I got my singnicture from chicken run (the film) but tweaked it a bit so it sounded like I wil never not complete a game!

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  • My small "growing up" phrase down there comes from a Garfield comic strip-I used to use a catchphrase used by a pro wrestler but seen this one and decided it was time for a change. :lol:
  • I got mine from the APi members area rules of use. There's been so much spam going on lately I figured it would help remind people, and doesn't make me look like a mean prick by yelling at people.
  • I stole it form a pic i might have got from Killa.
  • Hahahahahaha!

    I like that one gk! :lol: :woot: :woot: :D :D
  • I got mine from FF8!

    The "not you" thing there is because Rex is thinking that the message is for him!!
  • I got mine from the lyrics of Butthole surfers song "Pepper" wich is a very good song in my opinion. Oh, and I use the signature to remind people of the importance of viewing themselfs as well as others through many different POW:s before judging them.
  • I got mine from a Magic: The Gathering card. Weird place to find a sig, but I'm a weird person. (And I'm also very tired because I was up all last night coding PHP :doh: )

  • Mine comes from one of the the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe" books... don't remember which one, but it's a line from the 'Guide', and I thought it was the best line from the book! :woot:
  • I got mine from me, I made it up all by myself I did!

    Mine basically means that you should control your game and not let gaming control your life.


    When I see I'll be waiting for you..... I start to get a little worried.
  • Mine came from the lyrics of the song "It's Hard" by The Who from the same album.
    The lines following it are "So I'm thinking about my life now, I'm thinking very hard".
    It seemed to fit somehow.
  • The first one is about like playing the role of your life like It's never over until the the end comes.

    The other one, I got it from the game called xenogears the character fei!!
  • i got mine from like myself. I thought since when you DRAW you need inspiration most often i just thought i should had put that one down.
    Theres my opinion for ya.
  • Originally posted by KiLLa@May 24 2003, 01:54 AM
    I figured it would help remind people, and doesn't make me look like a mean prick by yelling at people.

    Old prick? Perish the thought KiLLa!

    My "signature" is basically a tick timer for how long I've been dating my boyfriend..since I tend to lose track :unsure: and my actual quote comes from Eleanor Roosevelt. A great American woman who transcended what she was expected to be...basically the quote is something I find encouraging every now and then.
  • I got mine from a friend, and i think he got his off the internet somewhere. And Danny isnt your quote from the card Trained Ogre.
  • Mine is actually an old saying, and for those of you who know me, i'm all about the old sayings. But i actually added it as my sig after i heard it at the end of the Spiderman movie the other day.

    Oh, and the last part of the sig is just the announcement of the launch of the site for my company next year, which also mark the official grand opening of madhtr Inc.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • mine is a shameless advertisement to my website, and also how i like sum 41.

    (Now go onto my website Nice website but you know the rules, no urls....sorry. )
  • I amde up my signature its a little qoute from my big mind. :peace:
  • I just put the games I am going to try and beat but mine is out of date!
  • Originally posted by tonygillis@May 26 2003, 07:36 PM
    I just put the games I am going to try and beat but mine is out of date!

    Thats a bit boring isn't it! (no offence)
  • mine is kinda a joke.
  • Mine has a meaning only a certain few people can understand and has nothing to do with WWE wrestler Golddust
  • My sig is from Monty Python, check it out some time its a riot!
  • Got mine from some old farts T-shirt as I was ringing up his groceries at work. I see alot of cool people every day and plenty of nuts also.
  • :fight: Clone High Baby, Its When The Pusher asks J.f.K. about Raisins lol it rocks!!! :punk:
  • Mine's from the series "Spaced" and is Tim's description of Resident Evil. Brian replies to this with "What, like It's A Knockout?" but obviously this is only funny if you are over 30 and from the UK. ;)
  • Mine is original, the moral: "No matter how much pain I suffer in life, it will never stop me from moving forward."
  • i made mine up, even if it looks like i'm quoting someone else

    my alternate sig is "peace, love, and noodles" which i stole from an asian noodle house. their logo is those 3 chinese characters
  • Originally posted by Daggers Lover@May 25 2003, 11:45 AM
    I amde up my signature its a little qoute from my big mind. :peace:

    Who knows...maybe itll be famous someday.....or maybe not...

    Mine is from the world famous Harry Potter(the movie...not sure if its in the book...ill have to check) and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Mine? ... Chinese Proverb. It's pretty rough, but I think tells the very very truth. :think:
  • I got the avatar from the Transformer cartoons.
    I made up my saying. he he he :pump:
  • Mine comes from a combination of aging and smoking to much B.C. chronic in my earlier days.
  • mine was just a little message i stuck on to let everyone who cares that im ok when i left the site for a while (instead of being on hours every night) now i manage aboout 30mins a few days a week

    the one under my av is from the song 'time warp' from the rocky horror picture show, Fantastic (ask speedie, she'll know)

    ps HOQ, i love the story behind urs, vvvv funny
  • Well i'm glad to hear that oddish! Hope you stay like that! :hug: I like all these sig's they all quite funny! :clap:
  • Mine's in relation to my exams coming up, and it's also a quote from the one and only, Homer Simpson! ;) :lol:
  • My signature, is a bunch of acronyms (well duh!) that I got from some songs, and then I changed them a little bit. Anyway, I'll leave them to you to think of what they mean ;) .

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