• where are you going on holiday this summer i'm going to ireland how about you :unsure:
  • Im leaving for Australia in 2 weeks and 3 days and I'm going to bike through the baltic countries later this summer.
  • I'm not going anywhere this year! WEll not abroad anyway! I'm going to france for a school trip but thats about it :cry: :cry:
  • I went to France in Easter for a football tour with my football club, although we only played one game, against a French U18's team (we're an U16 team) and... we lost 5-0! No joke they had 2 players who were literally 7 feet tall, it was ridiculous! But it was an amazing holiday, did DisneyLand, and Disney Studio's, which was amazing, we must of done Space Mountain and the Aerosmith 5 times each! Saw the Stade de France, now that IS some stadium! And went up the Eiffel at night, the view from the top at night is one i will never forget! A truly amazing holiday! I'm sure you'll have a great time too Ali, what will you be getting upto with your school?

    I'm not sure where i'll be going with my family, it maybe Ireland aswell. But me and 5 mates are booking a caravan in cornwall for a week, we went camping in Eastbourne last summer, which was good but this summer will be amazing!
  • My girlfriend is always trying to get me to go abroad with her. I however do not enjoy going to warm and sunny places were you can't order hard liqour in the middle of the day without getting some ice in teh glass.

    This year it was talk about Rome or Nice. Rome's OK I guess since the cathacombes are cool enough for me but luckely enough I get to work all summer, so no holiday tripping for me.

    I will be going to retirementville all day every day this summer. :disco:
  • Our big holiday time this year is going to be camping. We have a tent trailer and a tiny little boat and are going out to two different lakes to camp, fish and drink beverages ( soda for the wife and kids and beers for the old man ). It's the only time of the year when I don't miss my games.
  • im now going to a caravan park in hastings called combe haven at the end of the month aswell as ireland