• it says under your name and such, group and im just wondering if your able to make your own group because i swear i saw a group that wasn't members or staff

    if anyone could help i would be thankful

  • I'm gonna guess here that you saw a group "Mod Squad", yes? That is for us Moderators. I can't think of any other ones that there may be.

    But no you can't make your own group, you're either a member, or a Mod, or a STAFF member, and that's about all there is about it. Makes things simpler, if ya ask me! :D

    I'm gonna move this one over to the "Members Questions" forum, I think it'd fit a bit better there. :peace:

    Rex has graciously pointed out to me that I forgot to mention the "Admin Squad"... like the big dope that I am!!

    So, there's also those rather important fellows to consider!

    Also, there is the 'cooler' group, of which we know you don't want to be a part!

    Thanks Rex!! :hug:
  • Yep, there are only 5 member group's, and they're...

    APi Admin Squad - Which only applies to Jim, and Lyndon who are in charge of the forums, and have the ability to ban members.

    APi Mod Squad - Such as me, Suze and madhtr (and anybody else with STAFF) after their name, who have the ability to move, and delete threads who look after the forum.

    Members - Like yourself, and the majority of the other people who post here.

    Awaiting Authorisation - Who are members who haven't been accepted to join yet, probably because they haven't authorised their e-mail address.

    Cooler - Which as Suze says, really isn't where you want to be! This is where members who have spammed, or been abusive to other members go to "cool down" it's like a tempory ban who a few weeks.

    Hope that's clear! If you have any further questions don't hesitate to post them in this forum or PM any member of STAFF.