Viewing Profiles
  • I was wondering if anyone can explain the time discrepancy between actual time and member profiles stated "User Local Time"?
    For example: My user profile says that my user local time is ....say 10:00 pm when it is actually 5:00 pm. That's a 5 hour difference?!
    Not that it's a big deal or anything, I was just curious.
    I think it's interesting to know the time zone other members are in and I wondered if I'm getting an accurate representation by viewing their "user local time" in the profile.
  • If you have the correct time setup in your Board Settings in "My Controls" then the time in your profile should be that of the correct time as you clicked on the profile. The same will go with all other members times. I know my current time is 6:36 and if i were to look at my profile now then i would see that time because i know i have the correct time setup. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    P.S. And if you mean is the actual user time listed that of the correct time then yes. Times should be correct as long as all your time settings are correct and that they also have their time zone setup correctly and all.
  • With that much of a time difference,charger,you need to go into the board settings and adjust for your own time zone.This is done in My Controls,found along the top of the screen.From there head to Board Settings along the left side (under the Options section).Just select the correct time zone and (if neccessary) check the box regarding daylight savings time and hit the "Change My Account Options" button at the bottom-you should be seeing the aprox. correct time after that.