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  • If you haven't heard of this film, then I recommend you to crawl out of you hole in the afghan mountainside and get to a cinema.

    Well anyway, for the rest of the world, have you seeen it and is it any good. Im going to see it on thursday with mates (and try to get in). its supposed to be amazingly violent with tonnes of special effects and not much plot. :bash:

    Well anyway, for those who have seen it, tell us what you think about it, is it worth it, and don't give any of it away on pain of execution...thats about all
  • I was a little worried when I went to see it. I knew it was going to be a cracking film, but there had been a lot of reviews talking about how it was very disappointing.

    Screw those hippies :bash: It
  • If you enjoyed the first film you will definitely not be disappointed with the sequel.As for giving stuff away,I'll just say that some questions are raised regarding what was told in the original.It true that the plot isn't quite as extensive as the first but then again,they did have to get everyone somewhat familiarized with what's doing in the first movie-most should have a good memory of this and so there's no need for any "set up",just straight to the action in Reloaded.
  • I saw it and it was a wanderful film. Although my dad didnt really understand it. To many big words... :unsure: :peace:
  • I havnt seen it yet, but i REALLY want to.
  • I seen it today and I have mixed feelings.

    First off the dialogue, why in the hell do they need to speak like that? They almost sound like Steve. ;)

    Bad CGI, Nemo looked far too 'clean' during the fight with the 'Smith's'.

    Maybe it is because I didn't fully understand the first one or just because I haven't seen it for awhile, but I was seriously confused. Things just didn't fit together for me.

    The fight scenes were pretty good though. :fight:

    One other thing, not really a complaint, not really praise either. Every car that got smashed up in the chase on the freeway was a GM. 90% of the rest of the cars on the freeway were GM. I don't know why I noticed this I just did. Either the brothers have something against GM or they love GM, I don't know which way to take it. :think:
  • GM paid a lot of money to provide the vehicles for the movie-that's why all the cars were from this particular manufacturer.It's a somewhat common practice.

    It is a good idea to be familiar with what went on in the first movie before seeing this one-maybe you should rent it out and try to sort things out,Rex. :pump:
  • you obviously paid a lot of attention to the film rex, u cant even get the characters name right :shy:

    I thought it was fantastic, somehow id managed to contain myself from watching any trailers about it, anything on TV about it, so i hadnt seen a thing about it. The virus twins were great, i loved them (and to think they work with carole smilie)

    It was a great film, and am definetley gonna go watching it again, and the trailer was well worth waiting for that looks great too!!!!
  • Well Give me 4 hours & I'll tell you what I really think of the film as I'm off with the gang soon to see it (yeeeeeeeeeah! I got FREE tickets to see it) Being a huge fan of The Matrix I know that it will explain a lot of other stuff that the Manga comics first told about a year before the first film was made & the link between the 3 films.

    Anyone who really wants to know about The Matrix universe should check out AniMatrix which is a collection of short films & animations from top people in the industry. The best of the Bunch is a 30min film called 'Last Flight of the Osiris' which is the inbetween of the first & second film and was done by the excellent people who made Final Fantasty: Spirits Within. Even the voices & faces are taken off from the FF film. Also is a crossover point for the video game Enter The Matrix as it does get mentioned in it.

    Sadly the sites that used house the Manga copies (for free) of the early form of the ideas for The Matrix film was shutdown after the film came a huge box office hit as Warner Bros/Wachowski Brothers has the rights to every aspect of the Film/Name and people like that don't like to see things go for free :swear: :swear:

    Just remember - 'Is that air your breathing?'
  • dont think you are, know you are

    i caught a clip of one of the animatrix on MTV the other day, it was really good.

    Good thing the rest are out on DVD soon :disco:
  • Wow! more Agents Smiths that you can shake a sh!tty stick at or whack the living hell out of with a steel pipe like Neo. I'm glad that Zion was opened up to our eyes & the explaination of the matrix (which I was dumbfounded why they told it near the end of the 2nd film & not leaving it till the 3rd one) And let more Agent Smiths all in a line as far as the eye can see for the trailer of The Matrix Revolutions. I recommend hanging around for 5mins while the credits go up to see the 1min trailer.

    Well done to the technical guys & yeun ping for the fight scenes. If Hong Kong cinema didn't make it mainstream on the last film then it surely does on this one.

    One sad point that stood out in the bloody brilliant 15min car chase was that we know they built a 2mile section of freeway just for the film, but they kept on driving past the same turn off destination signs along the way before turning around & coming back in mirror mode & the lettering was in reverse!! maybe the editing wasn't that spot on, at least it can be digitaly edited out when it comes on DVD.

    See it or don't see it? It gets my recomendation for popcorn awards. I only ate half of a kingsize bucket so it was good!

    Oddbod, As for Animatrix coming out soon on DVD, girl it's been on DVD for over a year & also packaged with the Special Edition of The Matrix. Look out on Channel 5 on Friday & Saturday for some 5-10min short films
  • OMG - I never knew that the animatrixes were going to be out on channel 5. I watche the final flight of the osiris, but i only thought that its was an one off! Thanks for bringing that to my attention!!! :drool:

    I really liked the bit whent hat girl was falling and falling and falling and falling and....(you get the point). (and also the fighting at the start of course, where they started cutting each others clothes off) :drool:
  • i havent seen matrix reloaded but might be seeing it soon everyone says its really good
  • I hope it is really good chelsea! I can't wait till it comes out on dvd because i'm to young and to small to get in and see it! :cry:
  • I want to see Matrix:Reloaded, Fiance wants to see Bruce Almighty, we see Bruce Almighty........and it was a good choice cause it is a great laugh. Matrix Saturday WOOHOO!! :disco:
  • All i can say after seeing the Matrix Reloaded today is... wow. The fight scenes were simply amazing, especially with all those Smith's, and the special effects were great, i can't wait for the 3rd! I stayed to watch the trailer, although it was rather short, i can't wait until November!

    Although one thing that confused me, the bloke who survived at the end, was he the Smith who took the telephone call? And why did he cut his wrist? Maybe i was just too amazed by the fight scenes to reliase what was going on there!
  • I really liked the humanist aspect as portryaed in the party scene and when Neo & Trinity made love. Served as a reminder that even in a different world, the need to be human is the same everywhere. We all have the same basic needs.

    Loved the Virus twins....how cool were they?!

    Neo looked uber cool in his (very priest-like) outfit!

    Some of the fight scenes were a bit over done IMHO but hell, good eye candy nevertheless!

    Loved the idea of Agent Smith being made flesh too!
    Looking forward to the next film!

    Not so much of the we-based-this-film-on-the-bible-stories either which is always a good thing.
    I preferred it to the first one.

  • 5 words... The Best D*** Movie Ever.
    Rufus 3000
    ps: just waitll next time, reloaded aint over baby!.
  • Originally posted by RUFUS3000@Jun 6 2003, 12:22 AM
    5 words... The Best D*** Movie Ever.
    Rufus 3000

    Thanks for that intelligent important Rufus. Next time maybe you might want to add a bit more to your posts, what did you like about the film? What didn't you like?

    Because posting, "5 simple words" is what we class spamming.

    Remember posting is about QUALITY. Not about quantity. If you have 50 quality discussion posts then you'll gain far more respect than posting 200 2 line posts.
  • the matrix reloaded is cool but the virus twins were rubbish they didnt do anything??
  • I enjoyed the film. Some of the CG scenes weren't seamless, and that creates watchability issues for me. Aside from that, I got a kick out of it. Of course, I didn't set my expectations very high.

    As for it being the "Best D*** Movie Ever," Only if it were the only movie I'd ever seen. As I've seen more than just this film, I have to say no. (Not even close, really :blink:)
  • Saw it with loads of mates last week (finally), after trying four times to get in ("we'll get in if we ask enough times!") In the end, we just sneak in after buying Bringing down the house tickets.

    Talking of words longer than two syllables, most of the long dialogue was rather boring, and it would have been better is they actually had some flashbacks to what they were saying (after all, they spent $300 million) on the film, so why couldn
  • The day before Matrix reloaded came out I rewatched The Matrix just to get back in the groove of things... Okey when I did go watch MR I fell asleep half way threw it and missed some good stuff from what I was told :doh:
    It wasn't that I thought the movie was boring or anything but I had taken some pills for hey fever and I got sleepy and passed out... :cry:
    What I did see I liked... and I will go see it again soon.....and wait for the trailer at the end... :rebel:
  • Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@Jun 5 2003, 04:13 PM

    Although one thing that confused me, the bloke who survived at the end, was he the Smith who took the telephone call? And why did he cut his wrist? Maybe i was just too amazed by the fight scenes to reliase what was going on there!

    Yes,that was the guy Smith transferred himself to from the matrix.As to why he was cutting himself up,the experience of the "real world" would be an entirely new thing for him-things like pain would be completely new to him.Figure in a bit of insanity as well. :woot:
  • [FONT] [COLOR] I have seen Reloaded I have to say it was an amazing film. I was pleased with the amount of action and great fight scenes. The scene w/ Neo and the 100's of Agent Smith's...priceless.
    ~Dark Cloud~
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