If You Could Be Somebody Else Who Would You Be?
  • If you could choose to permenently switch bodie and soul with someone else who would it be?? I would choose someone like Bill gates (of course) but if it were immediate family id choose my uncle becasue of his success in business. :peace:
  • i would choose one of my fav video game chars, so life wouldnt be so boring.
  • No no im talking real people not video games theres a topic for that somewhere here. :peace:
  • Where the fun in that?
  • Originally posted by GamerGuy@May 25 2003, 08:48 PM
    Where the fun in that?

    Theres plenty of fun in it gamerguy your just dull!! :tired:

    For me i'd like to be vice president! then I could stich up the president (for fun) :D
    Then I would become president and be rich!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  • I am compelled to give such a boring answer that yall better make some coffee before reading it.
    I like me, me has been nothing but good to myself these past years of relation. If I was forced to change I guess I had to ask my girlfriend what kind of appearance she would prefer me to have. I would naturally choose a body with a functioning pancreas but I don't think I would like to have any body elses life.

    If I would play this game of the mind as it is supposed to be I guess I would like to become a woman (go ahead, make the remarks). Just curious what that's like? Maybe someone not too busy, like royalty of some sort. They seem to be able to do what the heck they want most of the time and then wave at a crowd every once in a while. My natural instincts would of course cause headlines as I prefer a naked lady in the bed but that won't such a big problem I belive. Hmm, wonder how many chaimbermaids a princess is allowed to have? :drool:
  • Original answer by Manneman. Interestingly enough, i would like to be my favorite game character, SNAKE.
    Obiously, if that wasnt it, i would like to be NEO from the matrix, or even Morpheus.

    But to tell you the truth i preffer to stay myself. I can say that im a bit ont he original side. Im just different from others and that makes me unordinary, and also makes me original, and i've been a fan of originality for long enough, so ill keep myself the way i am.
    Kinda doing an injustice trying to be someone else.
  • If I were to be anyone else I would pick a Ninja or ancient warrior (Lu Bu). But I would definately want to be a ninja first it's been a dream of mine my whole life.
  • Id like to be god so I could see if he exists.
  • Originally posted by gabriel knight@May 28 2003, 02:42 PM
    Id like to be god so I could see if he exists.

    Hehehehehe! :clap:

    Good one gk! :clap:

    I also like manneman's one! :clap:
  • I would like to be Hideo Kojima (I can't spell Japanese names :rolleyes: ), for his success with the Metal Gear Solid games. It would be really interesting to see what his life is like and be insider his mind to see just what makes him tick.

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