Sypro ripots rage
  • Im stuck in a level and itz called Icy Peak and there is ice in it and under enath there are gems how do u get them? Does ne 1 noe? PLZ PZL PZL PLZ PLZ HELP :heart: [B]
  • It's been awhile since I played this one but I think this was how I got to them.Hop onto the small ledge you find along the side of the lake.You have to jump off of there and glide over to a crack in the ice and give that a headbutt.
  • If it's the same Icy Peak from TheYear Of The Dragon, you can just jump from the end of the ice, get over the middle where the crack is & head bash down into the frozen pool. You will need pretty good Spyro skillz to do it, though. ;)
  • The other replies have got it right you have to start somewhere where you can jump from and glide and then when you are in the middle of the slightly cracked area you can headbutt the crack in the middle and you will be able to get the gems you need. Hope this helps :2spin: