• I havent got a response from speedie( Sus B ) yet so I dont know if she is going to help but what do he rest of you think? For those of you that dont know what the joke fest is... bascially everyone gets a chance to post a maximum of 3 jokes and then the judges decide on the best 10 and then members vote on the winner. Simple. :unsure:
  • I'll start off with a few classics.
    The Zen/Buddhist master ordering pizza says "make me one with everything"
    Knock knock. Who's there? Adolph. Adolph who? A dolph ball hit me in the mouth.
    A policeman is on patrol in a rural area and sees a dog tied to a tree in front of a farmhouse.There's a pack of dogs running around making a large commotion.The officer says to himself "That dog's in heat.I'd better get the owner to take it inside.He knocks on the door.The owner answers saying"Hi,what can I do for you?"The officer says"Your dog's in heat".The farmer says "No it's not.It's in the shade,under the tree".The cop says "No mister.Your dog wants to be bred".The farmer says "Oh no.It's already been fed twice today".The cop says "Look mister,your dog wants to get laid".The farmer says"Oh,go right ahead.I always wanted police dogs".
  • James what Lethal means is if members want to have another Joke Fest.

    I say hell ya! This time I hope I won't have to share the crown with Daniel.

    Although I don't remember the 3 joke rule in past Joke Fests. That I don't necessarily agree with. :huh:
  • can we use a joke we have already posted in another thread? I have a great one that i posted in the thread "post your jokes here".
  • No they must be original jokes within this forum.

    By original joke I mean one that has not been posted before, not one you made up yourself. There was some 'confusion' on this the last time.
  • HELL YES!!!!! It was the greatest!! i just love jokes...specially blonde jokes! i wonder why...
    *looks in the mirror*
    o...thats why ;)

  • Howdy all!!

    I say H3ll yeah!!!!!!!

    As we usually do, we'll have this one in about 2 or 3 weeks from now, a nice 'in the middle' time between the AV Awards.

    I'll lay out the 'rules' when we open it up at that time, but for now, I'll just close this, as we're gonna do it anyhow, whether you all want to or not! :P ;) hehehehheee

    Keep in mind though, it will be for NEW jokes, not ones that have already been posted elsewhere in the forums. Get yourselves ready!!

    Over and out. :woot:
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