I want gnasty gnorc!
  • I'm at Gnorc's Gnexus in the first Spyro game & I can't remember how to get to Gnasty Gnorc. (I'm so embarrased...) :0
    I've got all the dragons in all the other worlds(also the ones in Gnorc's Cove & Twilight Harbor) & almost all the gems. Do I have to get all the eggs or something? How many eggs are they?
    Also, is there another dragon I need to get in Gnorc's Gnexus?
  • If you want to toast the big Gnorc, I recommend you go back and pick up all the gems and re-steal the eggs from those punk thieves, and free all the long-winded Dragons.
  • I found out my prob. was just that I hadn't gone through the return home portal after beating Twilight Harbor. Dooooh!!!
    I still have to go back & beat one of the Flight worlds & get to that island in the air on Wizard Peak that's so hard to get to. That's where the last of my gems are.
    Yeah, I love Gnasty's Loot. That's the reason I beat the game again. Just so I could go there. :)