• Well, just wonated to know what your favoire sci-fi movie is and was. And if its on DVD please tell me the details of that DVD. Explain the movies content as well.
    If you know anything about that specific rule, this thread will be opened for a long time(until i see that no more people are posting, then it'll be deleted automatically).
  • my fav sci-fi is Final Fantasy. It is comp. generated and that is great. And it has a great plot to go along with it. Its a great movie.
  • I personally liked spirited away and final fantasy :peace:

  • Wow!! What a broad range to choose from!!

    I think, after a few moments' thought, that the STAR WARS movies are, hands down, my favourites!! I won't give content on them, 'cause I'd be amazed if any of you out there don't know of these movies!! hehehee :unsure:

    A close second would be "Logan's Run", set in the future, where it is a crime punishable by death, to reach the age of 30. Logan has just reached his 30th birthday and he's now 'running' (geee, go figure) from the law to escape his impending death,..... only to reach the outside world (the 'world' that this movie is set in is like an enclosed 'city')..... anyway, ...... to reach the outside world and find a man living in a cave who is OLD and grey... only proving the point that one can live productively past the age of 30.
    Interesting movie!! I'd love to see it again!!
  • One of my fave sci-fi films is an old English film called The day the earth caught fire (1961).

    Quick synopsis
  • Ohh!

    This has to be star wars! Expecaly the second one : Attack of the clones! :woot:
    I didn't have time to see it at the cinima so as soon as it came out on dvd and video, I raced down the shops to buy it! :feedme: :feedme:
  • I don't have a favourite Sci-Fi film, but my favourite Sci-Fi is Farscape. An American astronaut, John Crichton, gets sucked into a wormhole and is deposited straight into the middle of a battle and kills an insane military commander's brother. He is taken aboard a living ship (a Leviathan) being used as a prison, where he meets several other alien lifeforms.

    The series is produced by The Henson Company and the writing and effects are totally awesome. I watched the final episode of Season 2 last night and was very nearly bawling my eyes out although I knew that the character who had died isn't actually dead. The characters interact so well and are so believable, even the "puppets".

    My favourite character has got to be Scorpius - one evil dude with really bad teeth.
  • Yeah Farscape was awesome! :clap: But my fav sci fi of all time was a show they ran for one season on Australian T.V called Earth II, man it was the best show i had ever seen and the only one where I actually saw all the episodes! But they never did a second season and they left me with a cliffhanger of a chick being cryogenically frozen so they could revive her when they were able to cure her deseise. This show had everything! Aliens, Guns, Hand to Hand combat, gun battles, strange storylines, twisted creatures! Damn i wish they would have done a second season! Has anyone else ever seen Earth II?

    :peace: OUT!
  • Has to be the origional Star Wars Trilogy the new ones are nowhere near as good. After that maybe Final Fantasy and The Matrix.
  • Gattaca.

    Or something like that.Cant really remember the name.