Linkin Park At There Best!
  • Sorry i Blanked out on the rest! i will edit it as soon as i gett he names of the other songs! please keep voting good friends! this is helping me out good! well wish you all good day and have fun! i'll post later :)
  • I know liken park- in the end is old but it rocks and is one of there best songs so, I voted for that song!

    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • I'd have to say easier to run.I find the song is really true to life and it really means alot to me
  • In the end is the best song so far by the park
  • Hmm not to many responses on this..guess i will shut down the topic i give it another day or so but tthanx for the votes and support! :)
  • even though you wanted to close the topic, I decided to vote and post..

    My current fav. is Faint it's a great song. I also like In the end.
  • With out a doubt, In the end is by far the greatest.
    Rufus 3000