• I put a joke here yesterday and now it is gone, GONE! Why? it wasn't rude or offensive unless u r a dwarf with learning difficulties. What :stink:
  • Maybe reading over what you wrote isnt a bad idea if you think about it :think:
    Now, if it got erased then it should had been offensive to some and you probably didnt notice.
    Read over what you write it wont be a bad idea.
  • well if there is a dwarf with learning difficulties on this site i am so sorry. I sincerely doubt it though. :tired:
  • for all those who didn't get the chance to see my joke here it is:

    'never buy a dwarf with learning difficulties.....it's not big and it's not clever.'

  • It's probably not because it was offensive, it was probably because it wasn't a very long joke, and was probably counted as Spam. :)

    Spam is a message or email that has no point whatsoever.

  • Yeah, I'm afraid Danny is probably right..... it wasn't that funny of a joke, and it does qualify as spam..... so I'll be closing this thread as well. Please refrain from opening another one about this joke..... seeing as there have been two closed already, there's probably a point! :think:
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