Re: Sony Psx
  • Just read about it in Latest News and was wondering what it is actually used for. Or is it just a box with all these capabilities that aren't used for anything? :P
  • Which features are used is pretty much up to the owner isn't it? :woot:

    This new "system" is more along the lines of the "all in one" set top box that was pictured during the concept of the PS2,taking the abilities of a TiVo (you do know what that is right KiLLa? ;) ) and adding recordable DVD and PS2 gaming.

    With all the abilities this thing has I'm sure the price will be somewhat high during the initial release and I can't see this selling very well overall (but if it does it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about something).
  • TiVo.... yes..... *opens up google* :rolleyes:
    Okay, so i'll be able to record my favourite shows (*cough*Charmed*cough*) to the 120gb HDD and then record them to DVD? Sounds good :)

    Does it also work as one of them digital decoders for analog tv's?
  • how much just estimating would this thing cost? and do you need the PS2 to work it or does it work witout the PS2?? :peace:
  • Originally posted by Daggers Lover@May 29 2003, 07:27 AM
    how much just estimating would this thing cost? and do you need the PS2 to work it or does it work witout the PS2?? :peace:

    I think sony said something about 200 $ but I doubt they can let it go that cheap so I'm thinking more 300-400 $
  • I'd say you are pretty close on the estimate,gabe,considering all this thing can do.I'll probably be assured of adding an extra hundred onto the price at least for Canada. :cry:

    Dagger,the PS2 chipset is built in to the PSX-it's used both for gaming and for the program recording functions.
  • Considering that this is basically just a piece to show how Sony plans to do their business in consoles from now on, moving from the PS2 into the PS3 in a few years from now.

    The PSP™ is touted by Sony to be a portable set-top box. It will have all the functionality of a handheld gaming system while throwing in basically every other feature that you usually have as a portable.

    Want a PDA? MP3 player? Mini DVD player(with upto about 4-5 hours of high quality MPEG4 movie? How about other things such as the interconnectibility that you see with the Gamecube and GBA only to a higher and faster degree? That will be the nice thing about having the PSX. The PSX will have the new USB 2.0 technology that gives you faster connections than did 1.1 and it will all be upto you how it's used.

    No announcements at the time by Sony on pricepoint of the PSX nor the PSP but both are planned for launch very near the same time, if not the same time. Technology prices drop as newer things come out and to tell you the truth i can't see Sony going any higher than $99-$149 for the PSP and around the $200 mark for the PSX. It has nothing to do with the features but rather what price they think will sell. It's the games that make Sony the money, so if they can't sell the systems then they're wasting more money than they'd lose selling it for a lower price. Anyway, stay tuned to the Latest News area for the latest on both the PSX and PSP as it's announced.

    P.S. I have added a new features list for the PSX in the Latest News area so you can clearly see what will be included in this new multimedia PS2 from Sony. A step into the future, a step into the world of electronics.
  • Then this thing is awesome! I thought the original playstation was called psx? but why are they reusing the name?
  • That name was an early code name,I believe,for the original PlayStation-it never was an official name for it.

    Assuming the price was around that magic $200 US mark (which i can't see happening myself,mad) I would possibly consider it-most likely,however,I'll be holding off and waiting for the PS3 within the next couple of years (unless my PS2 suddenly decides to kick the bucket :cry: ).
  • Lyn, considering that this is to see how well a set-top box would fare in the market, it's possible that it may end up costing more. Sony wants to try and see what the demand for that technology will be when the PS3 ends up coming out.

    Also, this pressures both Nintendo and Microsoft to put out their next-gen systems with at least the PSX specs or they will be looked down on, even if the graphical capabilities are higher.

    In case you all were wondering, MS and Nintendo both are planning a late 2005 release for their systems while Sony is still waiting to determine the date for them because they want to make sure that the Cell(what will be eventually powering the PS3) is running at it's optimum abilities which is already sounding near magic(meaning the Cell is just that d@mn good).

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • So if i got this PSX i could sell my Ps2?? Would it still play Ps1 games?? :peace:
  • Since i gave you the long answer already, i'll just say yes, you can play PS1 games on it.