How Did Zachary Taylor Die?
  • This is a very hard question... Do you know how President Zachary Taylor died and what or who killed him? post your responses. Once the correct answer is given I will PM the person who gets this right, then close the string.
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  • Coronary Thrombosis killed him at the age of 65. On second glance, it seems there is a bit of dispute here. Apparently, I discovered the minority opinion. More seem to believe that he died from losing a bout with Gastroentritis, and conspiracy theorists believe he was poisoned (even though his corpse lacked the needed level of arsenic to cause death).
  • Zachary Taylors not dead he is very much alive - he lives in my town and he is disguised a muscualr teenager of 15! It's true a Zachary Taylor lives in my town! :rules:
  • Acording to the Biography of Zachary Taylor (Address I can not put) He died on July 9th due to an illness after participating in ceremonies at the washington monument on july 4th.
  • To the best of my knowledge, he was killed by his doctors. I believe that this was the first case of using X-Ray. However the X-ray picked up the bed springs below him and thereby the surgeons probed in the wrong place and thereby led to his demise. I could be wrong. :think:
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