Help Name Our Kitty
  • Ok... Today we found an abandoned small kitty across the field from our house. I'm guessing it's about 6 weeks old. We're still trying to figure out if it's a girl or boy :unsure: ... yes I know what to look for but I just don't know what "they" look like or where exactly "they" should be on a 6 week old kitty! :shy:

    Anyway... we are now thinking of names and my wife and kids said we should get imput from APi members.

    We already have a cat named Boomer.

    This is the new little one Name this kitty

    Names we are considering so far:
    Sixohtwo - 602 (Penal Code for treaspassing) (I had a dog named 91-5 long story)

    As you can tell.. we have our work cut out for us. I'll let you know what we decide.
  • One word of advice, don't call it Ming! :lol: (Ming - UK slang for an unattractive person)

    And Sixohtwo - 602 is a bit of a mouthful! ;)

    But Boomer and Zoomer, has a nice ring to it!

    Although i wouldn't really take advice on pet names from me.. our dog's called Topper. What a stupid name!!!!

    :woot: (and yes, it's actually true!)
  • Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@May 31 2003, 10:04 AM
    One word of advice, don't call it Ming! :lol: (Ming - UK slang for an unattractive person)

    LOL! You don't want your cat to be laughed at by the other cats for being a minger. :P

    Magnum and Zoomer sound good, Magnum especially cuz it sounds like an ice cream I like..
  • Name him.............Booger or..............Pip or..............Chili
  • I'm sitting here with my daughter and posed your question. She asked what color is it? If it was black she would call it Blackie, brown Brownie. Or maybe Stripey or Spotty. There's the 6 year old perspective.
  • How about Shiner.
    Boomer and Shiner.

    Or Catwood, that way you call call on it -"CatvodCatvodcatVodcatVodcaVodka... and the neighbours will have Toppers drinkig problem to discuss over dinner.

    I must say I too like the Zoomer suggestion.
    Or maybe that it's just too nerdish to have the cats rhyme :2cool:

    Boomer and Hyde (sounds kinda cool)
    Boomer and Doc (was gonna call my dog Doc so I could say "Don't just stand there Doc! Do something)
    Boomer and Jeaves (to imply that you have a male servant)
    Boomer and Brat (if you're gonna spoil it)
    Boomer and Jungo the magnificent

    That's it, I can't spam up this thread any more. You will have to ask me for an encore if you want me to continue. ;)
  • So far Zoomer is the lead... (and was on the top of the list from the family)
    (although Shelby still likes Skrumpy)

    The kitty is light gray with white tiger stripes.

    Boomer is dark gray with blackish tiger stripes and one black line down his back like a skunk.

    Topper was already taken by a prior pet.

    Manne... keep them coming... my wife laughed at the vodka name.

    Ming is out (by general consensus and we wouldn't some other cat laughing at our cat!)

    Another thought was LoMax (My Slayer in Diablo and named after my youngest Logan Maxwell)
  • i always thought it was funny to give animals human names. but ones that sound funny and dont fit the animal. like once i had a female cat named Walter. stuff like that amuses me. but that cat... it looks like... hmm... its a female... grey.. stripes... Name her Dave.
  • Originally posted by JunkHead@May 31 2003, 05:46 PM
    Name her Dave.

    Now that were talking human names how about Steve.
  • or Carl
  • I have a couple good cat names.


    Can't think of any more right now!
  • Hey, quick question here that'll really depend on my input.

    What's the fur and eye color? (Gender would help too, but, eh, whatever)

    I've had about 20 or 30 cats in my time, I love to come up with names. ^_^

    Also, I commend you for saving the little kitten, most every cat I've had has wandered up or been saved from some more-than-unfortuneate situation.

    Some pre-emptive suggestions:

    Apu (Preferrably a brown cat)
    Garfield (Duh)
    Noodle (maybe a blonde-ish color?)
    Dingbat (*eyeshift*)
    Isaac (From The Love Boat of course ^_~)
    Rover (Yeah, put a dog's name on a cat ^_^)

    That's just a pre-emptive list without thinking much though ^_^
  • I had two cats, the first one was Freddie and was a girl and the cat after Fred was Sugar. The cat I have now is called Kiara, my daughter picked that form The Lion King, but a friend of mine named her cat Kitty. I thought that was the best so I say name her Kitty or just simply Cat!
  • Well... I the neighbors down the street just showed up and guess what they claimed. They said he was lost for 2 days and heard from other neighbors that we had found it. They called him Ditz and took him back. I had also given them the food, collar, and toys we had bought for him. :think:

    Oh well... Topic Closed until the next Kitty. Now I just have to deal with the sad kiddies (not kitties). :cry:

    Boomer was probably the only one that was happy to see him go

    I appreciate the imput but I will close the thread.
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