• Hey all,

    Its been awhile.....but with exams and all.....Its hard to get online..

    Im looking at deploying a PhP open scource Database(Forum)

    For My coach...

    Its Just i cant find anywhere to deploy it......nothing supports PHP.....Ive done heaps of searches and i cant find anything.....I'd Post it on a website if i had the money, But i dont. I know its against the rules to post Links and Stuff so if anyone can PM me It Would be very helpful, Or if one of the admins would allow People to post links in this topic it would be very helpful


    Luv u's all


    EDIT: Bakerjosh10429

    Pm'ed Lyndon and please pm me with the help because of the forum rules we are unable to post any links

    Thanks guys

  • Since we've already talked about this and you had already found forums to use, i shall close this thread. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    *Thread Closed*
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