• What or who is he/she/it just hanging around like that :swear: @X2 Many people say it is Daniel_M_Staff's invention.

    I am just wondering what does it do and the above question. :doh:
  • @X2 is the IRC bot that is where IRC can checkup on what happens in their chats.

    Junk Head is a member who uses IRC and barely ever turns his PC off so he's always in there even if he's technically not in there. So, if he doesn't answer then, yes, he has a life too.

    Daniel did come up with the idea for the Livechat but the coding and all is done by Jim B STAFF who is the editor of APi.

    Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • If you have a look in the Welcome area you'll see Junkhead is a new member, but as mad says he leaves his computer on, and leaves the chat running...

    Many moons ago it was my idea to have a chatroom, but all the hard work has been done by Jim (as with everything else on this site).