Favourite Footballer
  • whats your favourite footballer mines probably gianfranco zola
  • I'll have to agree with you there chelsea. I love zola and he belongs to my favourite team! ^_^
  • Alright Im from America so is it soccer or football?? If its Soccer I vote Pele all time favorite and best. If its football I vote Joe Nameth very good player!!! :peace:
  • Mikael Forsell since hes a nice guy.
  • Daggers, it's soccer we're talking about... none of that, i need pads to protect myself American crap... ;) :lol:

    Favourite player... Bob Zamora! Whilst he's an Albion player at least!
    He's playing left mid for the U21's tonight, i hope he plays crap. Put all those Prem clubs after him off!!!

    Great news for everybody that Zola is putting off retirement for 1 more year, who will ever forget that goal against Norwich...
  • Dick Butkus. :blink: