Poetry Revisited
  • I couldnt find the old thread(s) , so lets just start here shall we.


    My body falls to the ground
    Blood spilling from my wounds
    My soul is lifted away
    From the battlefield that was my death

    Here my past catches up with me
    Here my sins will be judged
    From here there is no escape
    For in purgatory I am

    The flames lick my skin
    And burn my sins away
    Finally my soul is clear
    And I ascend to heaven
  • Tim and I, a-hunting went
    We saw three hookers, in a tent
    They being three, we being two
    I buck one and Timbuktu. :punk:
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jun 4 2003, 07:16 AM
    Tim and I, a-hunting went
    We saw three hookers, in a tent
    They being three, we being two
    I buck one and Timbuktu. :punk:


    You are a class act wreckin'!

    Nice to see this up and running again, shame Haplo and Silverleaf aren't still around to contribute.
  • All's changed,changed utterly
    A terrible beauty is born

    Just thought I'd add a qoute from Easter 1916 by W.B Yeats the great Irish poet
  • Life is over,
    But Im still dying.
    Im feeling as if,
    God forgot me.

    I think Im dreaming,
    Im getting scared.
    Saying whats going on,
    As I pull my hair.

    The world stops turning,
    But Im still standing.
    This is just a dream,
    This can't be happening.

    It only a vision,
    you'd see in a nightmare.
    But wait... who's that,
    Its a demon in red.

    The sky goes dark,
    and I can't see.
    Now I know,
    That it's not a dream.

    The End.
    t < Im in the under world.

  • I have had this one at poetry.com for ages! I have been getting e-mails about how I got into the semi-finals and then another one just recently about how I was nominated as a nominee for the ametuer poet of the year! Whatever I am pretty sure it is a bugus scam.

    Let life fly.

    Let life fly my freind its true, if not,
    when bells are tolling strong and true,
    none will come, and none will find the heart
    and soul inside of you.
    So let it free and
    let it sway let it flutter and fly away.
    Light a candle in the dark and let its light
    call Hark, Hark, Hark!

    For when the swooning
    heart and soul soars apon the clouds among
    the frightened night,and your candle lashes the
    cowardly dark with its fierce and lovely
    light, another may come apon your star and
    feel you heart and soul afar. So let your
    soul and heart fly free, and candle burn so
    bright, and far for all to see, for you will
    sleep away the ogres of the night, and
    wake in morn to sunshine bright.