Speeding At Last !
  • Don't you just hate speeders :cunning: ........ I mean on the road that is.

    Just recently I went to the motorcycle expo held where I live. After paying the entrance fee (minimal) and producing your licence you just qued up to ride the bike you wanted to :birthday: (wasn't my birthday but sure felt like it). All the latest and greatest where there, he!! they even had some Harleys :drool: heh heh.

    Being the greedy bu@#er I am, I opted to ride as many as the day would allow which ended up being 10 and one scooter. You can't really classify a scooter a 'real' bike....... can you ?

    After the day unfortunatly came to an end it dawned on me that track riding rocked, I mean REALLY ROCKED. When I got home I decided to convert my bike to track tool only. No cars to hit is a real plus to.

    Does or has anyone here raced ?
    Competition or just for fun ?

    It'd be cool to hear about it.
  • I have not raced professionally or as an amateur but the thought has always appealed to me.

    I have done a little (very little) street racing but with nothing with any serious ponies under the hood.

    The next truck I would like to get a 4X4 with the next truck I buy so I can try some off-road action.