Far Fetched Idea, Maybe...
  • :think: I got this idea last night and I thought I would share it with everyone....
    At the time I was playing Enter the Matrix.
    Anyway you know how the cell phone is coming out with more and move stuff you can do with it.....like sending your picture to your friends or family and stuff like that.

    Well I was thinking like what if you could take your picture and it don't have to be a cell phone but something with a USB port so you could download your pic into a game console.

    Let me just say you get a new game and you are able to change the face of the person in the game and download you face onto that person....

    It may seem strange now but I won't be surprised if one day you can.....

    What do you think???


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  • Funny you should say that. Sony's Eyetoy, manufactured by Omnivision will be released in a short few months and it comes packaged with minigames for use with it that would actually put you in the game.

    Oh, the Eyetoy is a USB camera that connects to the PS2. So, as i said, funny that you should mention this. Anywho, I hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • also there is an add-on for The Sims called "The Sims - Face Factory". I havent messed with it or anything but all i know is you can geta pic of yourself and render it in 3d (the addon might render it itself... or it might need to be done in anotehr program but im not sure) and can then be placed onto your sim character. but then again... its The Sims...so i wouldnt worry about it much.
  • People have been doing it for years. With Unreal Tournament, for example, you can download tons skins (faces), as with Soldier of Fortune and Operation Flashpoint (For Which I have downloaded a Mech, Star Wars droids, a Terminator and a Starship Troopers dropship, among other things. It's getting quite ridiculous, I love it).
  • Also isn't their a feature in monster rancher 3 that lets you put your face on a monster?
  • Sounds good! Cool! Probably costs alot though. How Much is the usb camera and cable? :unsure:
  • I got the new issue of PSI2 the other day and neversoft says that there supposed to be bringing out a new game called Tony Hawks Underground .
    They say that the Idea of the game is to put your face or whole body onto the console in some way and computerise it so that you can skate as yourself and watch yourself on the cut scenes.
    pretty crazy I know but could be cool.
    SNOOGANS!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: