The struggle within the CLOCKTOWER
  • Please can someone help me with the controls for the game Clocktower from Agetec.....specifically how to toggle between personalities....Thanks
  • Ok, here's the controls that you need help with. Clock Tower makes use of any standard PlayStation controller,
    or the PlayStation mouse.

    X Button (Left Button on Mouse) - Used for directing your
    character and for selecting items on progression screens. A
    quick double click makes the character run. Click once more
    to stop running.

    START button (Left + Right buttons on Mouse) - Pause button.
    Allows the use of the pause function. (see Pause Options)

    Square Button (Right Button on Mouse) - Used as a panic button.
    Rapid repeated clicking in panic mode can get you out of a
    tight spot.

    Direction Buttons (Movement of the Mouse) - Used for moving
    the cursor around the various screens.

    Circle Button (Right Button on Mouse) - Cancels a progression
    screen. And here's a walkthrough for the game, oh, and here's another. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.