Can Members Come Staff
  • i know im not in any position to say it..but when you become very high in ranking can you become a staff member???
  • Only members that the entire staff feel can be trusted to take care of the site become staff members. So, it's not very easy to become a staff member because all of the staff must agree on the new addition.

    Oh, and we only add new staff members when it looks like we need a new one but we currently aren't looking for any new staff members. Anywho, i shall close this thread now, though another staff member may come in and add something else that i may have missed. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • Thank you Mad Man, I think I shall.

    See, one of the things about becoming a 'STAFF' member is that none of us asked for it!!! We simply have enjoyed the site, being as helpful and friendly as we could, and followed the rules , and then one day we got the wonderful surprise gift of being asked if we'd be interested in being a Mod. It's not that it was sought after, all we really wanted was to be as helpful and rule-abiding as possible, and this is the reward we got for it. Just about 100 times out of a hundred, it never happens to those who are after it.

    And, it has nothing to do with ranking or number of posts; never has, never will. The good Mr.'s STAFF just decided that we are responsible enough people to handle the added responsibility, when it was time to add the extra help.

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