Awsome Staff!
  • Hey Everyone! i have went under a name change,my name Was Black-Ghost! but it is now B_Rabbit :) the Staff helped me out with changing my name and they were quick to helping me! my stats and everything still stand nothing was changed-only the name :) ! Thank You very much Staff, I personally like the Staff on this Forum and i think they do a splendid job of running it! hopefully others think so too!! Keep Up the Great Work Team! Peace
  • The staff here are brilliant! Always quick to respond and very helpful! Thank you staff!

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  • I have to say it, the staff here are the best staff on any forum I visited.
  • Thank you all for such wonderful comments! Everyone here works really hard to make this a great place for everyone to be.
    We hope we are fair to everyone and are always open to suggestions!

    But I have to say that without you, the members, API would be a very different place!
    With us all, Staff and members working together I am sure API will remain the best and most friendly site on the web!

  • If not for the staff members, I wouldn't be here today. As many of you know I was having extreme difficulty loggin on and then my use of the forum was severely limited.

    They've helped me through E-Mail, PMs (that's all I could do for a while) to get back to the point I can fully enjoy this wonderful forum. Thanks guys! :punk:
  • I did not see all of the above, I should have chose that!
    Any who, I added a personal note to the staff thanking them because these guys are amazing at what they do!
    Rufus 3000 :clap: :clap: :clap: [B]
  • i voted all of the above (above 4)
  • *looks at "joined" date* I think the fact I have been around this place for over a year says how I feel about the staff here. :notworthy:
  • i chose all of the above 4 on the poll because most of the time that is what they are like
  • I think there a good bunch a people, thats why I voted for the four good points and not the four bad points, and by the way I finally found myself to pluck up the courage to eat snails but thats a different story.
  • I would like to say that our staff kicks :swear: ! They've been doing an awesome job at fighting spam (especially when its occuring so often) and they spend a good deal of their time making this site enjoyable for everyone!
  • Have to say the staff here do an impeccable job!!!! They are fair and tolerant, helpful and insightful and above all friendly! It's refreshing to find not one, but all of a sites staff/mods are of this caliber.
    Well done.
  • Choosed The 2nd! THey do treat us with respect :cunning:
  • Voted 'All above'. It's truely an awesome site and I am glad to be here. The staff has helped me on more than one occasion and I still thankyou all for the help you all have given me. You are the best game helpers around. Thankyou. :rolleyes: :woot: