ISS Pro Evolution 2
  • Hello.
    Does your intro video play right?
    Mine intro video play's right but stops 3 times.

    Everyone notice that or is my game damaged?
  • To be honest i've never watched the intro, i'll watch it tonight and report back tommorrow morning for you, i just want to get on with the game!
  • It's not just your game don't worry, it stuttered twice in my Intro, so it's just a little problem with the game, nothing much to worry about.
  • it never ever happened on mine,
    and I almost always watch the intro....

  • Got the game a few days ago and i never watched the intro until i seen this thread so i had a look and on mine it stutters 3 times. Once at the start of the intro, once in the middle and once at the end.

    You would of thought they would of sorted this stuttering out before the game was released, i know its only a little glitch but when you pay alot of money for a game you would like it to be perfect but i dont think any game is glitchless. :)

  • It happened to me once but it