• As we all grow up and develop distinct personalities. We also find things which some call pet-peeves or just flat out being anal about.

    Here are some of the thing which can be a thorn in my flesh if they're done improperly. Please let me know that I'm not alone in having such issues.

    I hang my shirts, all shirt fronts must face to the left.
    All shirts must be grouped accordingly. Dolphin shirts, work shirts, off duty shirts.
    More than one butt in an ashtry will drive me up a wall
    All movies, DVDs, and games must be in their cases when not being used, and must be in alphabetical order on the shelves
    Do not leave the empty TP or paper towel cardboard center on the spindle, replace it
    Do not put egg shells back into the carton and then in the fridge
    My pens and pencils are hand picked by me, they are not public domain
    I also will only drink out of glassware, no plastic, or styrofoam

    There's a few, does anyone else have things that just absolutely have to be a certain way?
  • The games,DVD's and CD's thing apllies to me alright they have to be all neat and tidy and in alphabetical order as well.

  • Heh heh heh, this here's a good look into what a bunch of nutters we all are!! :D

    Let's see......

    1: My sock/underwear drawer is very neat. All socks much match the clothing. Especially work clothing. Socks are arranged in colour order, reds in one pile, from darkest to lightest, blues, greens etc... Work undergarments in the front, others in the back.
    Underwear neatly folded in thirds lengthwise, then in half upward.

    2: All clothing is on a matching colour hanger, fronts
    facing left on my side of the closet, fronts facing right on Hubby's side.

    3: The area around the kitchen faucet MUST be wiped dry after each use!!!!! Do not leave the backsplash and surrounding area wet, it breeds mould!! eeewwwww!!!!!

    4: Stainless steel sinks are to be Windexed each evening before bedtime.

    5: Same goes for my games as previously mentioned, the ones that have sequels need to be in sequential order as well!

    6: Sodas in the fridge are always to be on the bottom shelf, with the 'older' colder ones to the front, caffeinated on the left, decaf on the right, all in NEAT rows!!!

    Ooooh,...... then there's work!! Egad, another whole month of typing for that one!! hehehehheeee!!
    That's about all that comes to mind at the moment.

    Oh what fun this thread is!!! :woot:
  • I agree to the above.
    Rufus 3000
  • Ok, hearing your things, I feel less wierd now, lol :P

    When I go to bed....
    - My drawers have to be entirely closed.
    - Same with my closet.
    - There can be no light coming from under my bedroom door.
    - Must lie in bed and listen to music before I can sleep.
  • I also have to listen to music before I can sleep, no matter how late it is.

    - All my Hyper>> magazines must be in correct order (by issue number) and all the correct plastic pockets.

    - My bow must be totally polished and weatherproofed before used.

    - All my arrows have to be in the correct quiver pocket (broadhead hunters, practice arrows and broken or damaged).

    Thats it I think.
  • I have one . I have to have the light on dimmist and the door harly open so light can come in. :clap:
  • Hm, I might have a bit of chaos god in me, not much of a man of order. BUT...

    My cd:s are alphabetically arranged.
    My cartoon collections are in cronological order.
    I have 4 jars of pens and pencils, and the corrcet pencil must be in the correct jar.
    I also take programing the channels on the TV way to seriously. It's the first thing I do when moving into a new place.
    In school I always bring: 1 0,5 pencil; 1 0,7 pencil; 1 0,9 pencil; 1 red pencil; 1 proper eraser and 1 small ruler. If any one of these are missing I can't work properly.

    I've tried to keep my T-shirts in neat piles (dark on the left and whit eon the right) but it only works for about 2 weeks, then the system collapses.

  • I have a few...

    Toilet paper must always be replaced on the roll.

    1 gallon of fresh brewed Iced tea in the fridge at all times... at least half full so when I get home I can have 2-3 glasses.

    When playing online games - no visitors.

    When I call the house... no busy signals or disabled call waiting.

    If your a guest on my boat... you're over the next day to help clean it and get it ready for the next fishing trip.

    Do not change or rearrange my icons or wallpaper on my computer

    The kitchen garbage gets dumped when over 50% full... definately no later than 75 % full. And replace the liner.
  • The only thing I'm truely finicky about is ticking... I hate ticking. I like silence, if some stupid cheap clock is ticking away in the hall or kitchen it drives me nuts.

    I remove batteries or unplug every ticking or humming thing everywhere I go. When I'm in bed I need complete darkness and quiet. Insomniacs are a strange breed we are.
  • Just a couple of the top of my head...

    Toilet paper - It must roll over, NOT under
    Paper towels - Same as TP
    Ice trays must be refilled as soon as used - no half empty ice trays in the freezer
    All comic books are bagged and boarded regardless of condition
    No interuptions while Survivor's on TV (even if I'm taping it)
    Must have a fan blowing directly on me when sleeping, regardless of room temperature
  • T-shirts to the left, trakkies to the right, arranged in order of popularity. Hoodie over the back of the couch.

    Sleeping clothes (not always pajamas) have to be under the sheets, hidden away.

    Collection of 4 Gamecube games on top of each other in fron of TV in order of completeness.

    CD at the top are the oldest, the ones near the bottom are the newest. All singles at the bottom of the rack, oldest at the bottom, newest near the top.
  • Nighties have to match before I go to bed.

    All my stuffed animals must be put in their proper place on the bed when it is made. If one stuffed animal is out of it's place it screws the whole thing up and I have to fix it.

    Before I feed my puppy Tifa, (who comes inside to eat) the cat's food needs to be out of the way. Her tray of food is not my responsibility to move since she is not my cat and my parents are making my job of feeding my dogs a little more irritating by leaving the cats food right on the ground for me to move it.

    Those are just a few I can say off the top of my head...I'll come back and edit them if I figure another one out.
  • -Hangers all must be facing to the left in my closet

    -Each drawer has its owns specific use and the contents are not to be mixed with those from other drawers

    -I have to do things in a specific order when I awake each morning

    -Fridge must be clean, veggies will not be left to grow new and interesting lifeforms in the "crisper", Drinks on the top shelf placed in an orderly manner, beer and other "alcoholic beverages" are to be placed in the fridge in the garage.

    -Games: Systems placed newest to oldest, games placed in order of use (except those with sequals which are placed in a new to old order) My Japanese PS2 and games sit seperate from the rest

    Other than that I am pretty easy going :rolleyes:
  • What a bunch of freaks! :blink:

    I'm kidding, naturally. I have few of these traits, and they are:

    - Money Clip; Bills must be arranged large denominations to small from the bottom up, and all bills are to be read the same way, face up. If one of the bills is face down, it's like they're kissing.

    - Roll-away; If one of my tools is missing, I can tell with a glance. From the top socket tray to the AirTool Drawer, all tools in my roll- away are in their proper place (clean, too) when not in use.

    - Watches; I keep my watches in a box in a drawer, separated by type.

    - Tackle Boxes; My fishing tackle is in impeccable order. Misplaced tackle becomes lost tackle, and losing tackle pisses me off BIGTIME! I know exactly when I'm running short of any type of hook or weight, and I never arrive at the water unprepared to do what I came for. If you want to lose a hand, let me find it reaching for one of my lures......

    That's about it, I suppose.
  • Toilet paper rolls over the top and replaced when empty.

    Dirty dishes go in a dirty dishwasher, not on the counter.

    Likewise clean dishes go in the cupboard.

    Other than that I am a pretty easy going guy, unless KJB can think of anything that I do without knowing it. :think:
  • Ive got a few.

    My kitchen knives must be arranged by use on the rack.This is mostly because i don't even watch which knife I take from the rack.This also goes for my spices.

    The TV channels must be in order.

    The music CD's have to be in alphabetical order except for the rare ones, which are in price order.
  • Well until I read this I really didn't think I *was* anal but I guess like so many others I have my quirks!

    My books have to be in subject order
    Games must be in series/genre order
    Clothes have to be in style and colour order
    Loo seat must be closed after use
    Loo roll must be under, not over
    Pans on the hob must have handles turned inwards (safety of course!)

    Am sure Chris can think of a few more......wonder if he will confess to his aversion to red and green LEDs?!!!
  • Well, I am anal about a couple of things.
    My DVD's have to be in alphabetical order.
    My games are in order of the amount that I play them from bottom to top, and it goes in the order of PS2, X-Box, PS2, X-Box.
    My CD rack, well, I have a 'top' level and a 'lower' level. My top level contains my favourite CD's, and it has to be even at all times, unless its not possible, and my CD's from top to bottom are my favourites. My lower level is the same.
    All my books have to be in issue order, and my tomorrow series have to be together, Fear Street together, etc.
    My shirts have to be on the left side of the cupboard, shorts on the right.
    My cricket bat always has to have the handle facing out of the cricket bag. The 'flap' of the pad has to be in the helmet.
    I always have to have my watch on, always (amazing but true)

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