Thank You Staff
  • You know what... I am very impressed and pleased to notice the hard work you (STAFF) members apply to keeping this site safe, decontaminating any raw use of words in threads/posts, and the friendship you persue towards any member no matter what. I know it must be hard keeping this site under control. You know I am proud to be writing on a forum I can trust. I will promise you that with me in your forum, I will follow all the rules, and keep it clean to the best 100% of my ability. Again, thank you,
    Rufus3000 :clap:
  • i agree with rufus the staff here do a brilliant job in the forums and threads
    well done staff! :clap: :clap:
  • There is already a thread like this but i don't get how to add a lnk to another part of this site!
  • start asking for links and wondering how to put one on ali g7
  • Ali, Madhtr has explained how to add links to other parts of the forums HERE :) If you still don't understand it just PM me and i'll be willing to help.

    Thanks for the kind words guys, it's very much appreciated, although it's just all part of the service! This site wouldn't be so great without all the great members!

    I will close this thread now though, since there is one similar HERE wow, you really do like us... ;)
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