What Was Your Most Embarrasing Moment.
  • One time, I was in a pizza shop in Ocean City Maryland in the USA, and our pizza came, I grabbed the grated cheese off the table, going to pour it on the top flew off, and cheese went all over my pizza. Everyone laughed at me. I started crying and jumped under the table, and everyone was just laughing and laughing, Id never been so embarrased in my life.
    Rufus3000 :shy: :cry: :feedme:
  • I'd have to say mine was at the school swimming carnival a couple of years ago.

    After all the events have been held, we're all allowed to hop into the pool. Seeing as I wasn't in any events, I just wore my normal shorts with speedo's underneath. I left my boardies in my bag so I could change into them at the end of the day.

    So there I was walking around when the team captain approaches me and says "We need you to swim in this event, it's starting now, get to the pool" or something along those lines. In short, there was no time to grab my board shorts, couldn't swim in regular shorts... and... well.... it was cold :shy:
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