How Do You Guys Rate A Person
  • how do you become the cooler and so on?
  • The Cooler means you suck and you're in there because you spammed and you don't want to be here. You can't post or do anything here.

    The other sections are for regular posting members, moderators, and admin. Then of course there are the banned but that just means you're no longer allowed to be a member due to something that you've done that warranted such action. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    P.S. The stuff about the cooler wasn't about you, but rather you is used as a generalization.

  • I'm not sure if you got your answer as fully as you might have been reaching for, so let me add a bit here myself:

    As Mad said, the
    COOLER is not a place you want to be. It's the place that you get sent to when you've been doing stuff in here that you shouldn't, like spamming, flaming and the like.

    The Mods get to be Mods 'cause the STAFF/ADMIN gentlemen (ie: Jim B STAFF and Lyndon) decided that it was time to add more help and they decided whom they thought would be up for the task. They then send the member a PM to ask that member if they'd be interested in joining the Mod staff. That is the only way to become a Moderator!! You don't get it by having a large number of posts... it has nothing to do with numbers, but only about the quality of your activity here!!!!! And, it never happens if you ask for it!!

    As for the ADMIN..... well, there is no way to get there.. Mr. Jim is the ADMIN, he owns the site and is the top cheese here..... no getting 'round that one!! :D

    Hope that is of some help to you!!