• Which is your favourite starwars film? Mine personaly is star wars: the phantom menece because of the podrace and I like Jarjar binks! :D

    May the force be with you!
  • Another f***ing poll... what's wrong with a normal thread these days?? :doh:

    Why can't members actually have a discussion and talk about your favourite star wars film, and maybe even discuss why they like it?? Instead of clicking on an option and saying my favourite is.... . Huh??

    I'll step off my soap box now...

    (sorry Ali, nothing personal but i'm at blowing point with polls!)
  • Ok, Just to please dan Once you've voted, state why you lied the film and we will have disscusion about it! Now all i have to do is wait for someone to awnser! :disco:
  • i didn't vote cause i don't really like the star wars saga...i perfer the matrix trilogy!
  • i'm voting for attack of the clones
  • Originally posted by chelseafc@Jun 6 2003, 09:34 PM
    i'm voting for attack of the clones

    Thank you very much for proving the EXACT point i was saying above.
  • ok just for the record...
    episode 1 - the phantom menace
    episode 2 - attack of the clones
    episode 3 - (dont know the title yet)
    episode 4 - a new hope
    episode 5 - the empire strikes back
    episode 6 - the return of the jedi

    before you start a poll about a movie series at least know the titles of all the movies. even though im not voting, (my choice wasnt listed due to the poll creator not doing a little research on the subject matter) my favorite would have to be "A New Hope". i have plenty of reasons for my choice but theres no point in going into them all. but i guess in order of most to least favorite id have to go :

    a new hope
    empire strikes back
    return of the jedi
    attack of the clones
    the phantom menace

    there... i think i discussed enough.
  • I voted Phantom Menace. Not because the older ones were crap, I just havn't sat down and watched them properly.... ever :shy: (will get around to it one day)

    So out of the newer ones, Phantom Menace was the go. I'm the kind of person that will enjoy a movie purely for the atmosphere regardless of the actual content (to some extent), and I enjoyed both the newer Star Wars movies. However, what set Phantom Menace apart was it didn't have that teenage Anakin. God that guy annoys me! Unlike most people, I have no problem with Jar-Jar, but teenage Anakin I just can't handle. Stop hitting on Padme, she's like twice your age! Geeez. :doh:
  • Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@Jun 6 2003, 12:16 PM
    Another f***ing poll... what's wrong with a normal thread these days?? :doh:

    I'll step off my soap box now...

    (sorry Ali, nothing personal but i'm at blowing point with polls!)

    Y'know Ali...posting a poll after saying how you know how people are so annoyed with polls is really just posing yourself as twosided.(was gonna use another word but I am going to be nice)

    If you don't mind Daniel...I stepped onto the soapbox...and now I'm stepping off.
  • I voted for attack of the clones. i LOVED that movie!! hayden christensen is SOO hott!!! :drool: i have to agree w/killa tho, padme is told old for annikan. but we all knew they were going to get married!! and theyre going to have two kids!! it was established in the "first" trilogy. The best part of the 2nd one was the lightsaber scene w/Yoda. that lil green dude kicks major :swear: !!!
  • Yeh! Attack of the clones was good but thare was something missing in that film but i can't quit put a foot on it! :unsure:
  • being of the older generation i would have to say that my faves were the original trilogy. the newer ones are alright but they seem to lack the magic of the originals, maybe im wrong. i think the original trilogy was groundbreaking and ahead of its time like the matrix is now whereas the new star wars flicks are good movies but are cashing in on the popularity of the originals :shy:
  • I don't hate him entirely because of the fact he won't stop drooling over Padme (can't blame him really :drool: ), but his character is just so full of himself that it annoys me to watch him. Attack of the Clones had too many mushy love scenes. You don't want to see that in a Star Wars movie, you want to see lightsaber action (with some Natalie Portman action on the side ;) ) and fully sick fight scenes - yes yoda r0x0red my b0x0rz, but not enough to make it better than Phantom Menace.

    I plan to get the box set as soon as Ep3 comes out on DVD plus the 4,5 and 6 box set (if there is one ?). Star Wars is one of those 'gotta have' series. Although, I would have liked to have seen 4, 5 and 6 before they 'digitally remastered' them, i'm interested to see how the lightsabers looked.
  • I hate Star Wars.I hate em' all mostly because of the plots that are basically so predictable that I saw the movie in the first 15 minutes.

    Ok, so maybe it was a little unpredicted that Darth was Luke's father but still.

    PS.Post number 1111, finally my objective in life has been accomplished.