What Do You Do?
  • Hi people,

    all i do apart form gaming is either going to school or playing football in my garden.

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

  • All I ever seem to do is cook meals, clean up after them, do household chores, and in between, get a few minutes' gaming in and/or get in here!! Oh yeah, that is, when I'm not at work!! :cry:
    Not exactly the way I'd have it, if I had my druthers, but that's about what my time consists of.
  • Other than gaming I go to school,play Gaelic football,go on internet and hang with my friends.Not very interesting but hey its my life
  • Well, in between working a part time job Mon, Tue, Wed and Sun and writing up my PhD I tend to drink, party a bit, drink, sleep, drink, run away from the authorities, drink, spend some time with the ladies and of course, occasionally have the odd medicinal alcoholic beverage.

    My gaming time is suffering a bit at the mo due to a combination of the aforementioned factors.

    Still have to PES, or Vice City when the need takes me thought ;)

    I only sleep about 5 hours a day, so it leaves a bit more scope for the rest of life
  • Well currently I hang with friends and work when not gaming, since my girlfriend doesn't have a job right now I figure she can do all the work around the house while I pay the bills, but when she gets a job that will all change.

  • Geeeee Steve, with all that extra time on your hands, you should consider taking up drinking or something!?!!
    :woot: :shy:

    (Actually, I think it's about time that I did!)
  • school takes up most of my day from 6:30-3:00 then i spend the rest of my time doing homework and gaming. oh did I mention i sometimes sleep inbetween this :unsure: :disco:
  • I hate to say it, but apart from school all i do is game and watch TV.

    Oh yeah steve, Drugs are bad, Ummkay.

    ~Mr. Makey :lol:
  • Apart from gaming, I go to school, I work on Saturdays and I sleep. The rest of the time I sit here in front of my pc, eating food that probably isnt fantastic for my health without gaining a kilogram.

    Fun :)
  • Work takes up a good chunk of my time and since the wife is off on maternity leave I have been trying to grab as much overtime as I can lately.

    So when I am not work I like to partake in a little golf (a lot of golf if I had the time and money ;) ) swimming with the family at my parents pool, movies, watching the Champ Car Series, and now that my Dad has a fire-pit in his back yard I would imagine that a few beers will be had around it on the weekends.
  • (Not necessarily in order of importance)

    Work, School (off for the summer now), catching up on the movies I missed for a couple of years (long story), improving the performance characteristics of my performance-challenged automobile, expanding my tool collection, pursuing my life-long quest to kill every gamefish I can (one at a time, of course) by expelling it from it's environment by means of a hook and line, video gaming (as with movies, I'm still behind the times), searching for the perfect barbecue sauce, trying to pay back for years of accruing bad karma, growing tomatoes, paying bills, watching television, developing 2 (or is it 3?) script ideas, and trying to stay current at APi.
  • Apart from gaming I usually watch or read Witchblade, watch Charmed or hang out with my friends. Or drive my car. Oh, I also work :doh:

    But not for long. I'm going to uni in September. :clap: I took a year out to get my car! :punk: :woot:
  • I go out skateboarding, eat, sleep, wakeup, go gaming for a bit, go skateboarding, eat, sleep, wakeup, go gaming you get the picture........ cos I dont.
  • I usually hang in here to tell you the truth.
    My job is to take care of my daughter (daytime) and to be a passionate love to my girlfriend (nighttime). So I mostly do what parents do, clean and cook and wipe butts. Luckely I be getting out of this soon when I start my summer ferie employment at the retirement home were I will be cooking, cleaning, and wiping butts.

    Some times I take a minute or 15 to draw a little picture or 3 (hopefully I'll be able to get them up soon for all of you waiting).

    Two times a week I go to the gym to look at all the weights and listen to some German Hardcore Techno. I usually go to the movies once a week too. On rare occations my friends forget why they hate me and invite me to parties wich I attend.

    This fall I will be heading back to school, to prove to dad I'm not a fool. Then it will be all studying and nothing else, well, besides the random cooking, cleaning and wiping of butts.
  • My life is basically centyered around travelling,cooking and biking.
    And the gaming fits in there somewhere.

    Then on the rare occasion that I actually go somewhere with someone I usually wake up somewhere except home so I will not go into detail.
  • School (which Zig forgot to mention in his :shy: ) spend time with my girlfriend, eat drink and be merry, sleep, play computer, on here, and now WORK :cry:

  • Hey Manne, think of it this way...

    One day your little baby will be all grown up, you can move yourself into the retirement home, then she can cook and clean for you and wipe your butt!! :D
    Now, won't that be nice!?!? :think:
  • apart from gaming i go to school,play football with my brother or friendsand watch t.v
  • What I do apart from gaming? Well, I play cricket (when it's cricket season for a club, when its not then just with my friends), I listen to music, hang out with friends, and do homework and assignments (which is all I have been doing recently).
  • :unsure: Well after a good hard day at my day job I go to my side job.... :cry: well it pays for all my fishing needs and new video games. :disco:
    Lately I surf the web and get some gaming in before bed time... :clap: and fishing to get away from it all....

  • Wow...I can't believe I haven't already replied to this thread. Anyway, my time is usually consumed playing games...that I can beat. :doh: , practicing piano, going places with friends, and going shopping.(when I have money). Just got released from school today...at least...the government required school...and the rest of the time I spend sleeping or on the computer tyrading people over the IM. ^_^
  • I spend my days working at Circuit City(currently Music & Games Manager). Then i come home and watch a little Toonami(usually). I get online, work on my site(which i still plan to launch in 2004), talk in AIM(Red) and MSN(Gabe), check for new news stories, go to the forums and answer questions, and other miscellaneous stuff. Sometimes i write reviews, sometimes i do editorials, sometimes release dates, yet other times i do absolutely nothing(tonight). I also sometimes help my brother out with his programming(hey, he's the one that works in that field.......I just help). Sometimes i help the grandparents do some yardwork(unless it's raining of course). Then i eat dinner, wash dishes, and other general cleaning stuff. Then it's time for a shower and then usually back to the PC to see what's happening. Then if people are talking then i talk, otherwise i watch tv while surfing, watch one of my many unwatched animes or movies, or play one of my many unfinished PS2(PS1) games. Then before i know it, 3 or 4 AM has crept up on me and it's time to go to sleep and start my day anew.

    Oh, and on days off from work, it's everything but the work part except Sunday morning i go to church as well as Wednesday evening.

    So, that's my days in a nutshell........rather bland ehhhh? Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting an have fun gaming.
  • monday- work 9-6 then to my mums for tea
    tuesday- work 9-6 then home and watch Tv, cook tea, do some housework
    wednesday work 9-12.45, home to clean, do some aerobics or another workout video, then at 6pm i go to weight watchers :) then i get the TV to myself to game why stey is at his mums
    thursday work 9-6 then driving lessons then home to watch buffy the vampire slayer
    friday work 9-6 then its out on the town at the rock club
    saturday, depends wether im working in the morning or not (have a rota system) but either way im usually shopping
    sunday. day of rest, sleep in,stey goes for the papers then we see what his rents are up too and sometimes we tag along
  • i work all day then i come home get washed up and Head over to my Fiancee's house..or i inivte her to my place..other then that..i spend a little time with my friends due to my flexible but annoying work schedule and i spend time skateboarding and breaking bones...Video games hardly ever get touched anymore but i keep my consoles cleaned and in mint condition! my brother plays them all the time so i'm not worried about them going to waste..when i do finnaly sit down to play..i enjoy a good RPG or a challenge in Super Smash Brothers Melee for the GameCube, i currently have been playing Dark Cloud 2, it's fun and easy but the long time to beat it makes up for the easy part :) well thats my life...so far?..i'm outtie

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